We can only imagine the strength, bravery, and selfless love you must have as you search for the 'just right' family for your child. We know that we have an incredible family to offer and so much love to give! We can't wait to welcome a new child to our family and we thank you for considering us for such an amazing gift.

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Dan Kati
job description
Emergency Room Nurse Stay-at-Home Mom/Speech Pathologist
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology
Dream Job
Scuba Diving
Dream Job
Singing on Broadway
Holiday Tradition
Family Games at Thanksgiving
Holiday Tradition
Family Football Game on Thanksgiving
Memory with a Child
Going to the Swimming Pool Together
Memory with a Child
Books & Songs at Bedtime
Family Activity
Outside Water Play
Family Activity
Going to Park Together
Hudson, Reece
Legally Married

Qualities We Admire in Each Other
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!

Kati About Dan: Dan is someone that everyone likes and will give the shirt of his back to help someone. He is kind, gentle, and humble. His personality influences his work as an emergency room nurse. He is a natural caregiver, compassionate and keeps a calm head. These traits make him an excellent father. I admire that he can fix just about anything around the house and enjoys doing projects indoors and out. As a husband, he is nurturing and generous. He always puts our family before himself and is a hands on father. He works hard to balance his job and his home life.

Dan About Kati: Kati is bubbly, warm, and inviting to all people she meets. She also carries a protective “mama bear” quality for those she loves and will stand up for them and love them unconditionally. As a mother and wife she physically, mentally, and emotionally gives her all to her family. Children naturally gravitate toward her and she brings out the best in our children. I love her smile and how she makes sure that we all feel special, loved, and valued every single day. She has education in early childhood development that is an added bonus now that she stays at home with our children.

Why Our Family is Great:

10. We have pizza and a movie night every Friday together.
9. We have special one-on-one time with each child where we can go out for a 'date,' run errands, or just play a game together.
8. Christmas is our favorite holiday and we start listening to holiday music in November-- or the first snowfall!
7. Dance parties are a common occurrence.
6. Kati is able to come eat lunch or volunteer at school.
5. The kids get to experience farm life at their grandparents’ house. This includes pony rides, playing with barn cats, having bonfires, tractor rides, and open space to run.
4. We have so many fun traditions! For the 4th of July we always make a special flag cake out of whipped cream, pound cake, blueberries, and strawberries! Yummm. On the first and last days of school, we always have brownies and lemonade.
3. Squirt gun and water balloon wars in the backyard are epic.
2. Each child has a special song that we sing before bedtime. Hudson has ‘You Make Me Smile’ and Reece has ‘You are My Sunshine’.
1. We are never short on hugs, kisses or "I love yous"

Hudson & Reece

We have two wonderful sons. Our oldest, Hudson, is 7 and will be entering the 1st grade. Reece is 3 and will start preschool a couple mornings a week in the fall.

Our boys are the light of our lives and bring an incredible amount of energy and love to our family. Hudson is thoughtful and full of joy. He always wakes up ready to take on the day and to find an adventure. He loves school and learning how to read. Hudson has done all sorts of activities, but seems to enjoy swimming and music the most. This is special to us, as Dan was a swimmer and Kati was very involved in music. Hudson’s teacher says that he is thoughtful and very aware of the feelings of others.

Reece is talkative and loving. His favorite thing to do is play cars or ride his balance bike to the park. He is outgoing, affectionate, and the first to offer an “I love you”. He loves making others laugh and tries to be just like his big brother. If we have a chore or project to do, he is happy to help. Reece shows his nurturing personality by carrying around little stuffed animals that he cuddles and sleeps with- especially his puppy, Bones, and his toy lizard. Our children will be wonderful older brothers to this child and are incredibly excited! They will be loving and protective of a little sister or happily add another brother to their adventures.

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