Thank you for stopping by our profile and taking the time to get to know us. We feel so lucky that we found our soul mates in each other and we now look forward to sharing all that love with a child. We hope this will allow you to imagine the life we intend to share with them and one where they will be happy. While we cannot imagine the decisions you are confronted with, please know that there is endless admiration and appreciation for your consideration in selecting us as the parents for your child.

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Tim Elizabeth
job description
Financial Advisor Senior Telecom Architect
Master's Degree in Economics Associate's Degree in Telecommunications
Childhood Memory
Growing Up on a Farm
Childhood Memory
Traveling to Paris
Dream Job
Dream Job
Chief Information Officer
Family Activity
Family Activity
Family Fun Days
Quality about my Spouse
Quality about my Spouse
Legally Married

Discussing Adoption
Just Being Silly

Being adopted will obviously be a huge part of our child's life, but it need not define them. We will be very open with the child about their background and about the adoption. We do not believe that adoption is something to be kept secret or that carries with it a stigma.

Tim's best friend has an adopted son and it makes no difference to them or to us that their son is adopted. We feel that the child should be age-appropriately informed--their ability to understand at 5 would be greatly different by 10. We are prepared to answer all their questions open and honestly when they ask and to provide resources beyond ourselves if they so desire.

In summary, the fact that they are adopted is not to be a secret and is something that should be celebrated as part of their uniqueness. We hope they will be as proud of themselves for that as we will be of them.

Family Traditions
Christmas Spirit

Our favorite family tradition centers around our preparation for Christmas. Every year we pick a weekend day in early December to go out and select our Christmas tree. We always have a fun time picking out the tree, loading it on top of the car and tying it down for the drive home (Elizabeth is always a little nervous about the security of the knots!). Once home we get it set in the stand and place it in the designated corner of the living room. Oscar (our cat) is always a bit disconcerted at first but quickly decides the tree is a nice place to sleep under.

Once the tree is ready to go, we get out all of our Christmas decorations that have been passed down through our family, collected from our single days, and those that we have acquired as a couple, and prepare to decorate the house. We put on Christmas music to set the mood and get to decking the halls! Tim usually puts the lights on the tree while Elizabeth sets up her singing snowmen. Once those are done, we each start putting ornaments on the tree, one at a time, until we place all our favorites and the tree is just perfect. Then it's time to relax with a cup of hot chocolate, turn on the lights and enjoy our work! This turns into a nightly routine of sitting by the tree or convincing the cat not to play with the ornaments!

Education We will Provide
Family Frisbee Golf

We believe education is vitally important in this rapidly changing world. We intend to provide education that goes beyond the standard K-12. School learning is important--it provides the base on which everything else is built, but learning/education goes so far beyond that. This means taking them on education trips to museums and to important landmarks. Encouraging them to read on many varied topics, to search out answers to questions they have, and to explore the world around them--in short to learn how to learn for a lifetime. We feel that education beyond high school is important, but that does not mean a 4-year degree is required. Tim has a bachelor's and a MBA because that is what interested him and suited his career goals. Elizabeth has an associate's degree because that was what suited her career goals. Both of us are successful in our fields because of the educational path we chose and we will encourage our child to pursue the path that is right for them and will deliver the most meaning to their life.

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