We are a young, fun-loving and faithful couple excited to grow our family again through adoption. We strive to live each day to the fullest and are thankful for our many blessings. We are honored to have you consider us as potential parents to your child and hope our profile gives you an insight to the life full of love we promise to provide to a child.

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Jerry Jenelle
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Engineer Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering Bachelor's Degree in Dance
Memory with a Child
Going to the Zoo With Our Daughter
Memory with a Child
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Holidays With Family
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Family Activity
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Adoption in Our Lives
Our Family

We always knew that we wanted to have a family but we didn't know we would ultimately build our family through the gift of adoption. After years of struggling with infertility, the day we met our sweet Paloma, we knew without a doubt that adoption was the right path for our family. We know the commitment it takes to uphold the promises we made to her birth family, and will continue to honor them in our home. As a family we are very open regarding Paloma's birth story, and will do the same for our future child. Our future child will be blessed to have a big sister who was adopted just like them! Although we might not have all of the answers for the difficult questions that might arise, we will always work together as a team to provide support. Since we have worked so hard to build our family, we never take the gift of a child for granted. If infertility has taught us anything, it is that we will never waver in our commitment to our family.

What We Look Forward to Experiencing With a New Child:

  • Holiday traditions for both big days and smaller days (like green pancakes for St. Patrick's Day)
  • Developing that special bedtime routine, a favorite book and kisses goodnight
  • Outdoor activities like going to the park and walks around our neighborhood
  • Family vacations including beach weeks with our extended family
  • Having summers together for adventures and educational activities
  • Encouraging and supporting whatever they are passionate about
  • Kissing their booboos, drying their tears, and listening to their worries
  • Seeing our new child and Paloma develop an unbreakable bond
  • Baking cookies and crafting with them
  • Filling our walls, wallets, and phones with photos of everyday moments

  • Cultural Diversity
    We Love Going to Cultural Festivals

    We are fortunate to live in an area of the country with people of different ethnicities who speak different languages and practice different religions. It is important to our family to build relationships with people who have had different backgrounds and experiences than we've had. Our extended family and close friends include multicultural families and seeing them being thoughtful about how to raise children serves as a good example for us. In addition, we both interact with people from many different backgrounds at work. Many of Jenelle's students come from outside of the United States, and she has become a better teacher by learning about her students' experiences and taking into account their perspectives.

    No matter what race our future child is, we plan to honor their cultural heritage and traditions in our daily lives. We make every effort to respect important traditions from Paloma's birth family by asking her birth mother about her own childhood. We're excited to see the ways in which our holidays and daily lives will be enriched by learning more about other cultures and practicing new traditions. We also realize that we alone might not be able to do everything to teach our child about their heritage. Just as we get advice on parenting an adopted child, we plan to seek out others with similar backgrounds to our child to help model for them and tell them about their own experiences.

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