We are so excited about growing our family and hope this profile is helpful in getting to know us. We made this to show you the love, happiness, and joy our family has to give a child. We have so many hopes and dreams for your baby, and would love you to share yours with us too. Thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your baby.

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Scott Matt
job description
Second Grade Teacher High School English Teacher
Master's Degree in Education Master's Degree in Education
Family Activity
Family Activity
Playing Board Games
Brownies - The Corners are the Best!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Memory with a Child
The Day Gracie was Born
Memory with a Child
Teaching Gracie How to Walk
TV Show Character
Rachel from Friends
TV Show Character
Sheldon from Big Bang Theory
Legally Married

What Makes Us Unique
Happy Family

Last winter, Matt appeared on Wheel of Fortune- a perfect place for a personality like his! But when he’s not on T.V., he’s a high school English teacher, published author, and public speaker. While Matt loves being in front of people, he’s very much a homebody. Usually you’ll find him settled in with a great book, cleaning, or trying out a new recipe. He’s always using his talents to get one-on-one time and create special moments as a dad.

Scott is very social and well-liked. Every time we go for a walk, we spend more time talking to neighbors than walking. Even a trip to Target with Scott becomes a social outing. He will always find someone to chat with! He is always full of energy and loves making people laugh, which works great in his second grade classroom! Every summer, Scott tries something new. He’s run a half-marathon, earned a Master’s Degree, learned to decorate cakes, and this year’s goal-is to play guitar!

Our commitment to encouraging each other, staying positive, and seeing the ordinary as extraordinary are some things that make us unique. We are very different in many ways, but it makes us stronger as a couple and better parents. We hope we’re able to pass these qualities on to another child!

Discussing Adoption

For us, it will always be apparent the role adoption has played in making us a family. Since adoption has had such a positive role in our lives, we feel strongly in being very open and honest about it. In our family, we celebrate adoption.

As your child grows up, they may have many questions about their story. Scott, having been adopted himself, can speak very honestly about having these questions, and we will encourage an open conversation. It is important to us that we are able to be as honest and truthful as we can about adoption. Each person has their own story. We believe that this is their story, one that should be respected and celebrated for its uniqueness. Part of this celebration includes you!

If you choose us as the parents of your child, we would love to be able to share your story with them too. We hope to maintain an open connection with you through letters, emails, and pictures. Our main priority is respecting your wishes.

Our Daughter, Gracie
Sweet Gracie

Our lives changed in 2015, when we adopted our daughter, Gracie. From the minute she came into the world, this spunky little girl has been the light of our lives.

In our first years with Gracie, we’ve had some of the most magical moments of our lives. In the mornings, she grabs her blanket and asks to 'cuddle me' while we read a book. Our walks around the neighborhood have become mini-adventures! Now, they are exciting explorations of the world, searching for bunnies, waving at neighbors, and feeding the ducks in the pond. We are so lucky to have such a sweet girl call us “Dada!”

Loving her has taught us so much about ourselves, and we feel, deep in our hearts, that our family is not complete. We had no idea we would love this much, and have so much more to give. We can't wait to be daddies again!

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