We see adoption as the single greatest act of love and selflessness a person can show. Thank you for reading our profile and considering us as you make this difficult decision. We are a couple in love with each other, our son and being parents. We have so much joy and love in our hearts and home to share and we would be humbled and grateful to share that with your child.

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Mike Kate
job description
Vice President Security and Asset Protection Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Police Science Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Education
Reading, Working on Old Cars, History
Gardening & Cooking
Family Dinner Every Night
Family Dinner Every Night
Family Activity
Hiking, Playing With Our Son in the Backyard
Family Activity
Blueberry or Apple Picking, Hiking
Anything Chocolate
Fruit Pie & Ice Cream
Legally Married

What It Means to Be Parents
Our Family

Like many, our road to becoming parents was not easy. We struggled to have a family and when we were blessed with our son we felt overcome with love. For the past almost three years, being parents has been so much more than we could ever have thought. More in every way - more fun, more loving, more work!, more tiring, more exciting and scary and more glorious! We truly cherish our role as parents and see it as our greatest responsibility. We each love watching the other laugh and play with our son and we are so eager to share that with another child. Our sense of humor has been a big asset in being parents - when you get thrown up on in the grocery store or are changing the third poopy diaper while on almost no sleep it's better to be able to laugh than scream! We love watching our son grow and being able to teach him about the things we love - nature, cooking, sports, etc. Kate is blessed to be able to stay at home with Luke and would continue to do that with your child. Mike devotes every moment not at work to spending with his family. We are two joyful, happy and in love people that have found our calling being parents. It is our sincere wish to become parents again.

Fun Facts About Us:

About Kate:

  • I am the younger of 2 sisters and 1 of 19 first cousins.
  • I have lived in 2 other countries (Australia and Holland)
  • I owned a cookie business for a year owned a marketing agency for 3 years
  • In college I worked at a summer camp and dressed up as Baby Bop for kids parties (from Barney the purple dinosaur)
  • All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a mom - as reported by my mom and any adult who ever asked me that question
  • About Mike:

  • I am the older of 2 brothers - he is my best friend
  • I played Division 1 football in college and loved it. My knees didn't!
  • I have lived in over 8 countries and traveled to too many more to count - I still love the U.S. the best.
  • I was born in Washington, D.C. and have been to every museum and monument there
  • I love music and will dance at any opportunity.

  • Our Professional Lives
    Palace in Abu Dhabi

    We both have professional careers we love. Kate especially feels lucky that she had a fulfilling career in Marketing before she met Mike and had a family. Now after our son was born she has no regrets and is very happy being a full-time mom. Mike is the son of two Washington, D.C. police officers so service runs in his family. Mike started serving a federal agency right out of college. He had the opportunity to work with the Secretary of State and all of our embassies and personnel overseas. Mike spent 26 years as part of the agency and was posted to places such as Pakistan, Serbia, Morocco, Denmark and Germany. He returned to Washington, D.C. after being selected to work as part of a team for Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. He then went on to serve NATO in Brussels. During this 26 years working for the federal government, he saw the world - all the wonderful and not so wonderful parts about it and that helped shape who he is today. He credits his experiences for his understanding that even in terrible situations there always exists goodness in many people. After retiring from the federal agency in 2012 he went into the private sector.

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