We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our fun and loving family life. It would be such a wonderful blessing to us and our two imaginative, caring boys to welcome another child into our hearts. We can't wait to grow together as a family and have even more laughter, love, and happiness in our home. May you be blessed with peace, and may you find the loving family you seek.

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Andrew Mary
job description
Software Architect Education Entrepreneur
Computer Science Diploma Master's Degree in Computer Science
TV Show Character
Homer Simpson
TV Show Character
Ron Swanson
Dream Vacation
Trip to Costa Rica
Dream Vacation
Family Safari in Africa
Family Activity
Reading Books Together
Family Activity
Dancing & Singing
Quality about my Spouse
Her Kindness
Quality about my Spouse
His Sense of Humor
Dream Job
Food Critic
Dream Job
Opening Schools in Developing Countries
Myles, Tyler
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Beautiful Day at Our Local Pier

We fill our leisure time with fun, happiness, and laughter. Our days are rich with experiences for our children so they can appreciate the world around them.

We often travel around our community, including hitting the beach at our local lake, feeding goats at nearby farms, or going to seasonal festivals. Other times, we trek out in search of jousting knights or head up to the mountains to enjoy some outdoor activities. Last weekend we had museum day where we visited the wacky Dr. Seuss museum, dinosaur world, and a trolley museum. We keep some spontaneity in our excursions, such as setting off on a road trip for the weekend if the weather looks good somewhere. Whatever the chosen activity, we ensure it is enriching, educational, and entertaining.

Living in New England, we are lucky to have activities for each season, including building snowmen in the winter and paddle boating in the summer. If the weather’s bad that doesn’t stop us from finding things to enjoy. We may splash in puddles, build forts out of cardboard boxes, do arts & crafts, pick out new library books, and have jam sessions. (Despite limited musical talent, it’s still a blast!) Finally, we love cuddling and reading stories, hanging out with family and friends, and trying out new recipes at dinner parties.

How We Met

It was Mary’s laughter that first caught Andy’s attention. Over 8 years ago, an educational software company was expanding its operations in Dublin, Ireland. Andy decided to move from his home country of England to work as an engineer making science games for elementary students. At the same time, Mary went over from the US to work there managing the research and development of new educational products. As luck would have it, our desks were right next to each other. Mary made her team bring her jokes to start off the meetings, which she shared with Andy. We quickly bonded over lots of laughs and we spent the next couple of years in Ireland exploring castles, running through the green hills in the rain, and seeing lots of sheep. Then, we worked in England and hung out with nieces and nephews. Finally, we decided to settle in the US, where Mary was excited to be able to drive on the right side of the road.

Our Boys, Myles & Tyler
Our Sweet Boys

We’ve been blessed with two creative and loving boys. Tyler, who just turned two, is always happy and quite the chatterbox telling long stories, most of which involve diggers, tractor rides, or what he and his brother have been up to that day. He is an excellent imitator of his brother, even if he doesn’t know what he’s doing or why.

Myles is a very confident three-year-old. He has quick wits, loves to talk, and has an active imagination. You’ll often find him re-enacting plays, puppet shows or circuses he has gone to see, and trying to gather anyone he can to be in his audience. Even though he’s active, he also loves snuggling up on the couch to enjoy a good book, or five.

Not only do the two of them play together amazingly well, building lego castles, creating characters in their own ‘plays’, and doing arts and crafts, they also love to play with others. A highlight for them is visiting with their cousins or friends. It’s inspiring to see how sweet they are with friends’ babies, especially Myles who always asks, “Why are there still just two kids? When are there going to be more?”

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