Thank you very much for considering us and reading our profile. We have always wanted to adopt a child. We believe that adoption is the greatest expression of trust and love a family can experience. We cannot wait to share our lives with a child. We hope you consider us and we look forward to growing our loving family.

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Marshal Margaret
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Special Education Teacher Special Education Teacher
Master's Degree in Special Education Master's Degree in Special Education
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Dream Job
Stay-at-Home Mom
Coaching Football
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Being Named My Nephew's Godfather
Memory with a Child
Holding My Nephew for the First Time
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The Beatles
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Justin Timberlake
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Our Lives as Special Education Teachers
Fall is Our Favorite Season

We are both special education teachers. Margaret is a special education teacher. She works largely with elementary school special education teachers. As part of her job, she consults with special education, general education teachers and administrators to ensure that students are getting the best instruction they can get. She supports teachers in providing instruction and behavior support to special education students in a variety of schools. Another part of her job is teaching teachers about teaching reading to students and how to reach struggling readers in our school district. Teaching reading is a passion of hers and something she devotes a lot of time to. She enjoys getting to work with teachers and students to provide the best educational experience she can for all students.

Marshal is a special education teacher at the high school level. He works with students who are working on functional life skills. He enjoys going to work every day since there is always something new going on. He also coaches football and wrestling at the high school where he works. As a teacher and coach, he enjoys seeing the 'aha' moment when a student understands a concept he is trying to teach. Marshal is very supportive of his students and the students he coaches. He is always finding ways to inspire them to try harder and be better every day.

Our Leisure Time
Watching Marshal Coach the Football Team at the Big Game!

In our leisure time we enjoy supporting the local sports teams. We love to watch high school, college or professional football, baseball, hockey, or basketball. Since Marshal is a football coach at the high school, at least once a week in the Fall you will catch us at a football game. We make it a family affair and both Margaret's sister and parents, and Marshal's parents attend to cheer on the team.

We also love to explore our lovely state of Virginia. We enjoy traveling to the historic sites in the state to learn some history and take in the beautiful countryside sites. On a nice day you will find us trying to improve our golf game at the driving range. It's a nice way to spend the afternoon outdoors in the sunshine. We are fortunate to live close to a major city so we can go to museums or the zoo. We love to go with our sisters and nephews or just the two of us. We also love to travel and see the sites other states have to offer. Each year we try to go see something new, such as New York City, Charleston, South Carolina or the Grand Canyon.

Cultural Diversity

As an interracial couple, we have had the opportunity to discuss various aspects of cultural diversity. In our home we strive to have an open dialogue about cultural and racial diversity. We always try to see a situation from another persons' perspective. We try to push ourselves to experience new things to help us understand the perspective of others. From going to a new church service, new restaurants and new community events, we try to expose ourselves to the cultures of each other and cultures unfamiliar to us. We have made a significant effort to incorporate traditions from both of our families into our family traditions. As parents, we will also include the culture and traditions of a child within our family culture.

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