We know that like us, you've spent a lot of time thinking about adoption. We admire your choice and are flattered that you are taking the time to read about us. We have been together since 2007 and are now happily married with lots of love to give. We have been blessed in many ways, but our biggest wish is to become parents.

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What it Means to be a Parent
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Both of us understand that being a parent is, perhaps, the hardest job of adulthood. We know that there are "trials and tribulations" in all families and that this is part of parenthood. However, we are excited about sharing our life with a child and know that we have a lot of love to give. The fact that we can be part of a child's life and raise the child to become a productive member of society is a challenge we embrace.

We look forward to being part of the growth and development of our baby and know that we will be good role models. We don't expect it to be easy, but we do expect to have some fun! All stages of development have their challenges, but also bring some wonderful perks. Our commitment to parenting and loving the child outweighs any of the challenges we may face.

Life Priorities
Max Showing His Love

Our priority in life is to find a balance between work and family. We try to fill our time together with shared activities such as hiking, concerts, and long bike rides. Max, our dog, came into our life a little over a year ago and has changed the way we live and what we do together. With the addition of Max, we needed to plan better, make sure that he was cared for, and included in many of our recreational activities. This added responsibility has truly been a joy. Having a child is our most important priority. In addition to sharing many wonderful moments with the child, we know that we can provide a loving environment with two dads who are kind, honest, and caring. And two dads who like to have fun! Trips to the beach, children's museums, friends' houses, and grandparents are in this baby's future. Our goal will be to help our child understand that hard work and fun are equally important. Children are parents' major responsibility and we are ready and excited to assume this responsibility.

Why We Chose Adoption
Josh J. Holding his Niece

We know that we have something to offer a child. In addition to a loving home, we know that we can provide our child with many opportunities to enrich his/her life. We look forward to sharing what we have and becoming role models. Adoption is an amazing opportunity for us; as it is so difficult for any couple to adopt a newborn. Our child will know from early on that adoption is a choice; something we wanted to do. For us, adoption has always been the right decision, as we cannot have biological children. The child will know from day one that we were not hesitant for one minute to bring him or her into our lives. It is truly a privilege to raise a child; even more so to raise a child that someone has given you. We know this is a huge responsibility and we can't wait to be parents.

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