Our hearts are wide open and we cannot wait to be given the opportunity to grow our family through adoption! We are so excited that you are considering us as adoptive parents of your child. We feel that we can provide unconditional love, support, stability, laughter, and fun in their life. Words cannot express how we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us!

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Brian Andrea
job description
Senior Medical Technologist Clinical Liason
Bachelor's Degree Associate's Degree
Lord of the Rings Series
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Memory with a Child
Playing Tag with Our Nieces & Nephews
Memory with a Child
Camping with Our Nieces & Nephews
Quality about my Spouse
Her Ability to Keep Me Grounded
Quality about my Spouse
His Eagerness to Try New Things
TV Show
Breaking Bad
TV Show
Game of Thrones
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Lake Time with Our Pups

We fill our time outside of work with a variety of activities. Together, we love to walk and play with our dogs, Miller and Carli. They are a source of never-ending love, laughter, and snuggles. They are so gentle with our niece and nephews and our friends’ children!

We frequently explore our city by trying new restaurants, visiting our favorite parks and campgrounds, and attending local football and hockey games. We love to explore the world together too. We've traveled across Europe and throughout the U.S., looking for the best food and memories we can find.

Andrea loves to use her sewing machine for home projects and to help our family and friends decorate theirs. She plays the guitar and piano and enjoys going to concerts with friends. She’s also come to enjoy running and time at the gym, she finished her first official race in the fall! Brian loves to cook and perfect new recipes, he also enjoys running and cycling, completing a half marathon and a 100-mile bike race this year!

While we love to be active and have many hobbies, we make sure to balance busy time out with enough quiet time home together. We are so excited to share the activities that make us happy with our future child!

Our Family Traditions

We were both raised in families with many annual and holiday traditions. As we've built our relationship, we've also developed a few of our own.

Brian and his brothers grew up with an annual summer trip to Noah's Ark, the world's largest water park, in Wisconsin Dells. We've gone together several times and can't wait to splash around as a family. Andrea's family frequently camped around Wisconsin in the summers and we've made it a goal for one long trip, at least, each year.

We've both love watching 4th of July fireworks snuggled up under the sky, gigantic family Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas stockings, and Santa Claus. Brian is excited to resume his family tradition of one Christmas-Eve gift to open early (just one!) as our family grows. We're both excited for the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny to bring their magic back into our lives, as well. We're thrilled for the chance to continue to follow our fun family traditions with our child!

Our Dogs, Miller & Carli
Our Sweet Pups

Our dogs, Miller and Carli, hold onto a very large piece of our hearts. We were lucky to rescue each of them from our local Humane Society.

We both grew up with pets and were thrilled to have one of our own; that's when we got Miller. He taught us the importance of quiet time and calm, as he came to us with significant fear and anxiety from his previous home. We've taken the time to help him adjust and he's now a happy, healthy, friendly, and curious 9 year old. We welcomed Carli home 5 years ago-after we moved into our current house. This pup taught us patience and to manage our frustrations, as we found she was able to jump the fence in our yard if she's in the mood.

We've learned to embrace their widely different personalities and have so enjoyed seeing Miller and Carli come to love each other. Every day, we look forward to coming home from work and being met with their ever wagging tails and kisses. We love our dogs unconditionally (chewed up shoes, tipped over garbage cans, and chases through the neighborhood included) and feel they're truly a part of our family.

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