Hi, we are Aly and David and we live in Maine. One of our greatest desires is to become parents. It would be a blessing for us to be able to raise a child with love and support as they grow into a unique individual. We hope you will consider reading our profile to find out more about us.

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David Aly
job description
Electrical Engineering Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering Master's Degree in Plant Science
Big Family Breakfast on the Weekends
Family Fantasy Football League
Vacation Spot
Anywhere Near on Ocean or Lake
Vacation Spot
Anywhere with Family
Movie Type
Action & Comedy
Movie Type
Hallmark Movies
Family Activity
Hiking & Going to the Beach
Family Activity
Hiking or Board Games
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity
Picnic By the Sea for Our Anniversary

When it comes to adoption of any race, we think it is important to learn about both ethnic traditions and family traditions.

Aly's maternal Grandmother was Polish and her Grandfather's family was from Czechoslovakia. They lived for a while in a logging camp with people from quite diverse ethnicities. Family holidays were filled with traditional Eastern European foods as well as Finnish tarts, Italian Pizzelles, etc. David's maternal side of the family is Polish and Italian and he grew up with many of their traditional foods. When we got married, we melded our traditions (including regional differences such as whether or not hot dish is served at Holidays).

We think it is important to find out as much about the birth family's traditions as well as doing research into ethnic/racial traditions. We can incorporate those traditions into our family. As the child gets older, things will meld together based on which traditions they find important.

We also know that it is important that a child have opportunities to interact with people who have similar backgrounds as they do. We have a quite diverse church population. Many of the ethnic populations have celebrations throughout the year. We would develop friendships with people who have a similar heritage to the child and help them participate in activities with people from a similar background.

Our Leisure Time
Hiking Together

Together we enjoy hiking and camping. We also enjoy gardening and exploring botanical gardens and nurseries. We have both a vegetable garden and flower gardens. We like to have friends or family over to play board games and card games. Several times a year we try to go to choral concerts, the symphony, or plays. We love exploring museums of all kinds- railway, science, history, art, etc. We both enjoy running. Some sporting events such as baseball and basketball, we prefer watch in person, but there are many sports like college and professional football, golf, and tennis that we watch on TV when we can't go in person. We have a family-wide fantasy football league every year. The winner has to proudly display a plastic penguin trophy in their home.

Aly enjoys knitting and crocheting. She loves to read cozy mysteries or light-hearted novels, but will usually listen to them on audio book so that she can knit while she listens.

David enjoys reading, mostly non-fiction or history books. He builds electronic hobby projects. He has recently discovered America's Test Kitchen and loves to find new recipes to experiment with. His favorite so far is Ratatouille. David also enjoys playing the piano and singing. He sings in our church choir.

We look forward to sharing our hobbies and interests with this child, but also finding out what interests them.

Education We Will Provide

We were raised in families that exposed us to many activities (sports, music, art, theater, games, etc.) but we were allowed to develop our own identity and pursue our passions. We were taught the value of hard work, discipline, and persistence. It is important to us that the child have ample opportunities and we will support them in growing their interests, whatever they may be.

Our town has a wonderful school system. All the schools have excellent test scores and parent ratings. There are also private schools in a nearby town for Kindergarten through high school. If the child is interested, there is also a possibility of a technology and science high school in a nearby town. Ultimately our school decisions will be based on which school is the best fit for the child. We will also need to take into account what types of extra curricular activities this child is interested in and which schools provide those activities.

We both look forward to helping with homework. We also look forward to also providing hands on education through visits to museums and historical sites in the area. We are within driving distance to so many interesting places, such as the Freedom Trail.

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