We admire you. Your strength and courage in considering an adoption plan for your child is something we profoundly respect. Growing our family is our long-held dream, our greatest wish! We promise to provide a caring home where this amazing child can thrive, surrounded by love, opportunity and acceptance. We hope that you find a feeling of optimism for your child's future with us.

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Abraham Megan
job description
Master Service Technician Marketing Director
Some College - Studied Business Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Communications
Holiday Tradition
Putting Up the Christmas Tree
Holiday Tradition
Making Costumes for Halloween
Dream Vacation
Baseball Spring Training Experience
Dream Vacation
Childhood Toy
Childhood Toy
Make Up & Nail Polish
Tres Leches Cake
White Cake With White Frosting
Disney Movie
The Incredibles
Disney Movie
The Little Mermaid
Legally Married

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Exploring Mayan Ruins in Mexico

We believe that cultural diversity is important. When people are exposed to other cultures and races outside of their own they learn and grow. We are both open to learning from others whose experiences do not match ours and we plan on approaching that life-long journey with an open heart and mind.

With that being said, we are a mixed-race couple and already learn from each other's pasts and families regularly. Abraham is Hispanic and Megan is Caucasian of Italian descent. Culturally we come from different backgrounds. Abraham's family speaks Spanish and has many customs and traditions that were new to Megan- quinceaƱeras, "carne asadas" (slang for Mexican BBQ) and tres leches cakes on birthdays. Abraham still can't believe Megan's family eats Thanksgiving "dinner" at 12 noon vs later in the evening. Our entire relationship has been navigating and learning about our cultural differences which has only helped us grow and become better people.

If we are lucky enough to welcome a child of a different cultural background or race into our family we definitely want to expose our child to their heritage by reaching out to our diverse community as resources, as well as bring them into the fold of our family's traditions.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
So Much Love Between the Two of Us

Abraham About Megan: First and foremost I love Megan, she is the best thing that has happened to me. She's one of the sweetest, caring and hardest working people I know. I strive to be a better person because of her. Every member of my family gets the biggest smile when they see her. They all want to talk to her because she has that great personality, she's the most genuine person I know.

Megan About Abraham: Abraham is my perfect partner. We share the same goals in life and both work very hard to make those goals a reality. Abe is organized, motivated, responsible and a hard worker. If he decides he wants to do something, it is almost impossible to divert him from his path. With me, he is kind and caring. He always says that his goal is to make me happy and take care of me and he really does that in so many different ways. If it is lining up the TV remotes on my side of the bed when he leaves for a business trip or having dinner ready when I get home from work, he makes my life easier.

Why We Chose Adoption

We have been together for 6 years, married almost 4, and started trying to make a baby 6 months into our marriage. We have been struggling with infertility that entire time. It has been a long hard road of fertility treatments and lost pregnancies. About 3 years ago, when we realized how difficult it would be for us to get pregnant we starting talking about adoption. We want two children and knew that even if we got pregnant through fertility treatments we would most likely want our second child to come to us through adoption. As the journey became more difficult we mutually decided to step away from fertility treatments and to pursue the growth of our family through adoption exclusively. Since adoption has been in our hearts for several years it did not take long for us to make the shift mentally. This adoption journey has given us a renewed sense of hope.

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