We have dreamed about becoming parents for years. We believe very strongly that adoption is the way for us to grow our family. We appreciate you taking the time to read our profile and consider us as prospective parents. Adoption would be the biggest blessing of our marriage and from day one we would love and cherish the child that joins our family. We are ready to share our hearts and lives with a child. We would be honored if you would consider us and look forward to the journey ahead.

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Terry Keri
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Master's Degree in Physician Assistant Studies DNP in Nursing
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What It Means to Become Parents
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

We have been waiting and praying and dreaming of having a child since we first began dating. We always knew that we wanted to be parents. As we have watched other friends have children and raise those children we have prayed for the day that we would also be parents. We are going to treasure every moment. We cannot wait to change diapers, to rock our baby, and experience every milestone. It will be the little moments that will bring us the most joy-- sitting at the kitchen table for an afternoon snack, going to the park to swing, playing with cousins, eating dinner together as family and bedtime stories in the evening. We will enjoy each adventure and treasure every moment as parents.

We have thought about the definition of 'being a parent.' We believe it means to love, support, and encourage a child from day one. Parenting means making the hard choices and guiding children through both easy and difficult times. We will strive to encourage our child to be honest, considerate, and compassionate. As parents we will guide our child throughout life and give them our unconditional love. We will be their safe haven.

Cultural Diversity
Keri With Her Best Friend's Children

We know that cultural diversity is an important topic to discuss. We will strive to create a home that is loving and open in which our child can openly ask questions and discuss any topic.

We are blessed to live in an urban area in which there is diversity and we will seek out opportunities for our child to understand and love their culture. The children within our community are also of diverse backgrounds, giving our child the opportunity to grow up with friends and neighbors from all backgrounds. Additionally, our church is an interracial church with individuals from many cultures coming together as one to worship.

We also love to travel and seek out new opportunities. Our future child will also have opportunities to travel and experience many new cities and cultures.

Our Professional Lives

We both work in the medical field (and actually met there too). Terry is a Physician Assistant and is passionate about helping individuals and families in need. Keri is a nurse and currently works in the college setting. She loves teaching and is passionate about children and families. We both love helping others and influencing families in a positive way.

Both of our jobs allow us to be flexible with our schedules. Through teaching Keri is able to have a schedule that is similar to that of a child in school. She enjoys her summers off, along with both Spring break and Christmas break each year.

We love that we grew up in families that encouraged us to study and be successful in school. We will encourage our child to also be successful in school and plan for a future in which they can be passionate in their (future) professional life also.

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