Thank you for taking the time to read our profile! We are excited and humbled to be able to take this journey. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and we hope it will ease your mind knowing that we will be forever grateful for you if you choose us. We hope to be able to bring joy and happiness to your child and serenity to you.

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Greg Megan
job description
Associate Professor First Grade Teacher
Master's Degree in Management Information Systems Master's Degree in Elementary Education
Childhood Toy
Childhood Toy
Horses and Baby Dolls
Dream Job
Hockey Coach
Dream Job
National Geographic Photographer
Quality about my Spouse
Quality about my Spouse
His Patience
Blues Home Openers with My Dad
Saturday Morning Brunch at Our Favorite Breakfast Place
Legally Married

Cultural Heritage
You're a Wizard Harry

Cultural heritage plays an important role in our lives. We both love to experience new cultures and enjoy the gifts it brings. Cultural differences are something to be celebrated, as they are what make us unique and interesting. We feel so fortunate that we live in the city that promotes cultural diversity and has easy access to many different cultures.

Megan’s family is a diverse mix of Irish, German, Scottish and English. Her great-great grandparents came to America and settled in New England. We love to travel and Rhode Island is our destination almost every summer.

Greg’s parents emigrated from Greece in the early seventies and started a family in their new country. If you have seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you can stop reading here. The movie explains it better than we ever could. Greg speaks fluent Greek and has lots of family there that we try to visit as often as we can. We love to eat the flavorful foods that Greg’s mom makes, and we are learning to make them ourselves. We can’t wait to share our traditions and languages with our new child.

Leisure Time
Homerun Kick!

Living in the suburbs in a major city allows us to have a pretty active lifestyle, whether it be cheering on our favorite hockey team, the St. Louis Blues, going to see musicals, visiting museums in Forest Park, or finding new places to walk the dogs.

We are blessed to live in area that experiences all four seasons. Fall is definitely our favorite. We enjoy apple picking and going to the pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin. In the winter, you can’t beat an old-fashioned snow ball fight with our nieces and nephews, or ice skating at the outdoor rink and then cozying up by the fire with our pups. Spring brings back the walks in the park with the dogs and BBQs on the patio. During the summer, being that we are teachers and have all summer off, we love to travel, spend time by the pool, eat at new restaurants and hang out with our family and friends.

Helping others is also a very important part of our life. We participate heavily in our church and volunteer whenever the opportunity arises. We are also heavily involved in the fight against cancer. Greg started a foundation in honor of his late wife. Every year we plan and organize a trivia night to raise money that goes toward the foundation to help kids with cancer.

We can’t wait to have a little one in our life to share in our passions and create new memories!

How We Met
Hiking in Colorado

The story of us is a unique one to say the least. Greg's first marriage was to Amy. A few years into their marriage, Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lost her courageous fight against cancer five years ago. Greg remained close to Amy's family as a brother, son and uncle.

A couple years later; Amy's sister, Jenn married Megan's brother, Tom. While waiting for the birth of Tom and Jenn's first baby 3 years ago at the hospital, we got to know each other more. Other family members at the hospital said they saw a connection between us. From there, we began spending more time together during the summer and eventually, Greg summoned up the courage to ask Megan out on the Fourth of July. We both feel that God played a role in bringing us together.

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