We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our story and lives with you. We are a young, active couple with a lot of love to give. We're awed by your bravery and courage to consider adoption and would see it as a true gift to welcome a new child into our family.

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Brent Valerie
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Adoption in Our Lives
Our Family

Adoption gave us the first best gift of our lives, our son.

Adoption has long been a part of Brent's life as his cousin was adopted. Adoption in our family circle is normal; it's just a way to add another member to the family.

We chose to grow our family through adoption as we'd always talked about it as something we wanted to consider when the time was right. Right after we got married, at a routine appointment, Valerie was told her pregnancies could be high risk; we knew that was a sign that adoption was the right first option. Adoption is not our back-up plan, or our plan B— it's our plan A.

We adopted our son Soren in 2016, and it was a fantastic experience. We love Soren's birthparents and enjoy our open adoption, keeping them updated as often as they want. We grew our family to include them and their extended family when we adopted, something unexpected but wonderful.

We have learned a lot about adoption not only through our experience, but through a community of adoptive families that we connect with. We have many friends and co-workers who have grown their families through adoption.

It's wonderful to have a community of children who have gone through a similar life experience for Soren, and this is another reason having a sibling would be so special for our family, and such a gift to us and Soren.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Enjoying a Sunny Afternoon Together

Valerie About Brent: Brent is such a great Dad. He is super involved in everything with our son and is his favorite playmate. They love reading together, playing with the dogs, being outside and even going on evening bike rides to the garden together. He is very loving and patient.

He is the opposite of me in many ways and those are the qualities I love, admire and respect about Brent; he can fully live in the moment, while I'm always thinking of what's next and how to make it happen. He is the calm, patient one in our house. Our relationship has a great balance.

People instantly like him and he is so easy to talk to. He can figure out how to fix anything and is an amazing problem solver.

Brent About Valerie: Valerie has a huge well of available love and care, it seems to be infinite and she is an amazing Mom. Everything about being a mother seems enjoyable for her, even our son's middle of the night cries.

Intelligence, compassion, and thoughtfulness are the qualities I respect, admire and love about Valerie that come immediately to mind. She is caring to a fault, and she's the type who would rather give 100 gifts than receive one. She is very smart, and would still prefer to be the dumbest in the room. She is organized, a great cook, nurturing and has a plan for making sure we are secure in the future. I even admire a weakness of hers that she so caring, sometimes at the expense of herself, putting others needs in front of her own.

Our Family Traditions

We love the traditions that we have, and can't wait to make more. We have silly traditions, like how we always eat fried rice on Valentine's Day, or cut down our own Christmas tree. We go apple picking with family every fall and visit our favorite small town in Minnesota every summer. We love our yearly road trip to visit Valerie's family on the East Coast, and our tradition is to break tradition and find new routes to drive.

Christmas is big and full of traditions; from making Chex Mix, to hosting a pretzel decorating party for friends to spending the day on the frozen lake with family on Christmas day. We started a new tradition of matching Christmas pajamas on our son's first Christmas and can't wait to keep this going.

Soren and Valerie's birthdays are 5 days apart so another new tradition is a joint birthday party... a Nacho Party!

We consider our friends family, and a big tradition Valerie has is making birthday cakes for all of our close-friend's children.

We are so excited to share all of these traditions and many more with a child!

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