Having the chance to love, grow, educate and support another child, is what we have always envisioned. We admire you for giving us the possibility of completing our family through the amazing gift of adoption. Adoption will give us the second child we wish for and the sibling our son asks about. We can only hope the next chapters of your life, and the life of your child involves us.

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Jon Kim
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Small Business Owner Business Solutions Consultant
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education Bachelor's Degree in Networking and Communications Management
Childhood Memory
Batting Cages & Camping With My Dad
Childhood Memory
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Playing at the Pool
Family Activity
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Taking My Son to His First Baseball Game
Memory with a Child
Our Son's First Real Smile
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Her Big Heart
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Why We Chose Adoption
Our Little Family

Although for different reasons, both of us knew we always wanted to be parents. Jon grew up with siblings and loved the idea of having multiple children someday. Kim grew up an only child, but always wanted to have more than 1 child, to give her children more than she ever had. Getting pregnant with our son was easy and Kim had a great pregnancy. At 42 weeks, Kim was induced and the road became a little bumpy. After 30 hours of labor, it was decided for the health of Kim and the baby an emergency C-Section was the best action. The long hours of labor caused complications and some difficult decisions needed to be made. In the end, mom and baby were healthy and that was all that mattered.

A few years later, we began trying for another child. After many months of trying, medical interventions, surgeries and procedures we were advised getting pregnant a second time would be a miracle and could be life threatening. This did not change our desire to have another child, we just knew the path may have to change. After taking some time to understand and accept this new path, we excitedly began our process to grow our family through adoption. We look forward to having the family we always desired and fulfilling our son's innocent request for a brother or sister to play with.

Leisure Time
Fun in the Snow

We both make a point to enjoy every second of our free time. In general, the evenings consist of taking walks with the dogs, hanging out in our back yard, trying out a new restaurant, or eating something Kim made after discovering a new recipe.

During the winter, you could find us snuggled up on the couch with a movie and a bowl of popcorn, sprawled out on the floor doing a puzzle or outside playing in the snow.

In the summer, we enjoy spending time around the pool, being out on the lake, or going to a local festival.

Kim likes to look for small beach towns or mountain cabins for the family to vacation. Jon enjoys a wide range of activities. Over the last 4 years he has taken part in a number of different type of obstacle races, from small 3 milers to a marathon in the mountains of Utah. He also likes to build and race cars about 4 times a year at various events up and down the East coast.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We have been skydiving.
  • Between the 2 of us, we have been to a total of 7 countries.
  • Kim has been water skiing since she was 12 years old.
  • We are huge advocates of the fight against animal cruelty.
  • We walk in the annual Alzheimer's walk in memory of Kim's father.
  • Prior to Jon starting his own business 10 years ago, he taught 4th and 5th grade for 7 years, owned a limo and opened a comedy club.
  • Jon has a race car in which he participates in a race series called 24 Hours of Lemons.
  • Kim cannot whistle (and its pretty funny watching her try).
  • We are DIY type people. No matter the size, we are always hands-on with every project that goes on at our house.
  • When getting from point A to point B, Kim will analyze the situation and review all options. Jon will jump in head first and figure it out along the way.
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