Do you hope to connect with a happy and loving family who values education, and can provide a child with a lifetime of opportunity? Then look no further! We are Alvin and Nick, a caring couple who cannot wait to share our lives with a child. We thank you for taking some time to review our profile and for considering us as new parents. Will you join us on this adventure?

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Nick Alvin
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Our Individual Strengths
Nick Working on Music

Nick grew up in a tight-knit, two-parent family in a small town. He is well-educated and well-traveled. He has musical talents that he has been using since he was young. He plays the piano, guitar, sings, and writes and records his own music. He is committed to education, having taught elementary school for fifteen years. His personality is calm and patient. He is kind, empathetic, and an excellent listener. He loves gardening, tending to plants, and watching things grow and change. He has a curiosity about the world and different cultures and loves participating in cultural events. He is very aware of his goals in life and has a strong desire and commitment to reach them.

Alvin at a Community Event

Alvin grew up in a tight-knit, two-parent family in a suburb of Houston. He also is well-educated and well-traveled. He has an artistic side that enjoys interior design, modern furniture, and gardening. He is committed to education having spent his whole career teaching and leading in urban schools. He is very organized and efficient with his time and money. He works hard and achieves success at his job. He has a passion and talent for cooking. He has a strong desire to take care of his family and make sure that their needs are met. Socially, he is very outgoing and personable. He will always be a strong advocate for his children. He has very high expectations for his quality of life and that of his family.

Cultural Diversity
Family Time in Houston

Even though we are a mixed-race couple, we know that adopting a child with a different ethnicity may present challenges for our child and our family. However, our experience living in a large city and working in diverse schools has us feeling confident in our ability to approach those challenges head-on. We want our child to feel extremely proud and informed of their heritage. We do not want to pretend that we are just like them, or that they are just like us. Race carries some heavy baggage sometimes and we do not deny that.

In order for our child to truly understand their ethnicity, we want to surround them with positive aspects of their heritage. We want them to have friends and mentors who look like them. We want to read stories to help educate them and help them understand their cultural past. We want them to participate in camps and activities where they can learn about their culture. We want to expose them to music and food central to their heritage. We would even like to travel to important places of meaning and history from their culture. We want to celebrate where they came from and talk about it in a positive way. We believe that our cultural differences will only strengthen our family.

Adoption in Our Family

Adoption has affected us personally on both sides of our family. Nick's grandma was a birth mother in the 1950s. This was a time when many pregnant girls were sent away from their homes in secret to have a baby. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl who was quickly taken away and placed with an adoptive family. For 45 years she wondered about her daughter and what had become of her.

In 2000, the daughter used some key information to reach out and find her mother. They were reunited and we have all be growing our relationship with Aunt Jan ever since. This long period of wondering has really encouraged us to seek out a more open adoption where everyone can find peace in the process and feel included and informed along the way. Nick's grandma is still alive and is very curious and supportive of our adoption.

Alvin's brother and his wife had a biological son and then adopted a daughter from foster care at age 5. She has quickly found her way into everyone's hearts and has been embraced by the family since day one. We are inspired by the success stories we know of adoption and feel very lucky to be a part of this process.

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