Love is the foundation upon which we want to build our family. Thank you for the opportunity for us to share this with you. We want you know that we respect the difficult process you are going through. I hope as you get to know us that you find us to be a warm, kind, and straight forward couple.

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Eric Doug
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Memory with a Child
Going to the Zoo With My Niece & Nephew
Memory with a Child
Having "Uncle Day" With My Niece & Going to a Museum
Anything Chocolate!
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Quality about my Spouse
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What It Means to Become Parents
All Smiles at Parenting Class

From the very start of our relationship, we shared our passion of always wanting to be parents. This is something that bonded us over 8 years ago as we discussed our future plans for our lives.

Being a parent means that we are taking on a commitment and responsibility to raise a child with love, patience, and understanding. Being a parent is the most important job in the world. As a couple, we have talked about putting our family first so we can be rewarded with the memories of seeing our family grow together.

We are so excited to be able to watch our child grow up and explore the world around them. To see a child go through the stages of growing up, is to see joy and love in its purest form.

Doug is so excited to do projects and crafts with them and Eric is excited to spend quality time taking them on adventures. We value life experiences as a way of learning about ourselves and others.

We were both raised by educators. Eric's mother is a teacher and Doug's mother is an instructor at a local college. We know the importance of quality education and early exposure to diverse experiences and plan on providing them with as many opportunities as possible.

Cultural Diversity
With Our Niece

We were raised by our families to respect all people and to have a thirst to explore new cultures. We live and work in a diverse city filled with unique people from different heritages and backgrounds. There are always cultural events and festivals being held in our community that we enjoy attending so we can learn more about the fun traditions of each culture.

As we both work in very public settings, our respect and love for all people has gained us friends, connections with colleagues. The opportunity to learn about their various backgrounds and experiences as been extremely rewarding.

Doug's niece is half Hispanic and bilingual and she could not be a bigger part of our hearts. We want our children to explore their cultural heritage, like she has, along with learning about others as well.

Diversity is extremely important to us as we know how it can shape young minds to become well rounded adults.

Fun Facts About Us:
Lake Day With Madison

  • Doug once appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids
  • Eric lived on a farm until his was 5
  • Doug started his medical career as an EMT
  • Both sets of our parents are still together and have been married for at least 37 years!
  • Eric still knows the rap to Waterfalls by TLC
  • Doug loves anything chocolate ... the more, the better
  • Eric was featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine when he was in first grade
  • We rescued our small dog, Madison, 4 years ago and she loves hiking with us
  • We love doing small renovation projects on our historic house
  • Madison loves kids, cuddling, and her toy monkey!
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