Thank you so much for looking at our profile. Becoming parents has made us wildly happy and we are so excited at the opportunity to adopt. The most important things we can tell you are that our family thrives on love and laughter and adventure, we will love your child deeply and unconditionally, and your child will never doubt the extraordinary love you have for him or her.

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Allen Kirsten
job description
Computer Engineer Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Law Degree
Family Activity
Bicycling Together, Games & Cards
Family Activity
Hiking Together & Playing Board or Card Games
Anything With Lemons
Working On Anything; Cars, Houses, Computers
Building Furniture, Making Quilts, Cooking
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Annie Hall
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
A Night by the Fire

Kirsten was adopted as an infant and two of her closest friends were also adopted (one as an infant and the other as a child of eight). Kirsten's parents and sister used to tell her a bedtime story every night, from as early as she can remember, about a small family that wanted to get bigger because they had all this extra love and needed help finding a baby to become part of the family. They told her about how excited the family was to get a phone call one day that there was a baby who might like to go home with them, and that when they met the baby they were so thrilled and thought she was so perfect and couldn't believe how lucky they were. They added more details over time and Kirsten learned that they were the family and she was the baby. Kirsten has always loved her story and wanted to continue to create family in the same way hers was created.

We intend to share your child's adoption story with him or her the same way Kirsten's story was shared with her, conveying all the excitement and awe and deep love we will feel when we finally get to meet the child we've been hoping for. We also intend to share with your child everything we can about you, because you are and will remain an essential part of his or her life and identity, and an important source of love.

Our Leisure Time
Family Hiking Selfie

As a family we enjoy hiking, camping, cycling, hanging out with friends and extended family, and traveling together (although currently Allen's work schedule and Kirsten's not-work schedule have meant that Sabine and Kirsten do some traveling without Allen, too). Our daughter has recently proven her mettle as a hiker and camper and just loves being outside no matter what the activity is. We also grow vegetables, cook together, do a lot of reading, and just hang out and play as much as possible.

As a couple, we love working on home renovations (although these projects also can make us question why we ever married each other), reading and doing crossword puzzles together, and going out to try new restaurants, although that tends to happen less frequently these days. Kirsten has, with some help from Allen, made a lot of our furniture, and also makes quilts, toys and other sewing/knitting projects. Allen loves working on cars and computers and basically rewiring or taking apart and putting back together (with improvements) pretty much anything he can get his hands on.

Qualities We Admire in Each Other

Allen can do just about anything. He can take apart and put together any machine, fix the car, do the plumbing, wire light fixtures, fix the computer, EVERYTHING. His super-capableness inspires endless admiration from Kirsten and our daughter. More importantly, he is kind, considerate, generous, and is always challenging himself.

Kirsten's career has been devoted to fighting for people who do not have meaningful access to justice, which is just one of the reasons Allen fell in love with her. Kirsten also fears nothing, is extremely curious and is always seeking to understand people and the world around her, loves taking care of her friends and family, and is warm, funny and industrious.

Our relationship is partly built on the fact that neither of us is complacent. We both love overcoming obstacles and we're never better than when we're tackling a really tough project (or maybe it's safer to say we're never better than when we've just finished tackling a really tough project). We also have complete confidence that, even if we don't love the decisions the other one makes, we won't ever be able to find fault with each other's motivation or intentions.

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