We have been eager to start our family for several years and are so grateful to you for taking the time to read our profile and getting to know us. We have loved each other for half of our lives and cannot wait to share that love with a child. Thank you for considering us to be your child's parents.

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Eric Theresa
job description
Manager of Engineering Director of Communications
Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree
San Francisco
New York City
Dream Vacation
European Vacation
Dream Vacation
Bora Bora
Memory with a Child
Hiking in the Mountains with Our Nephew
Memory with a Child
Swimming with Our Niece & Nephews
Family Activity
Dinner and a Movie
Family Activity
Game Night
Thing to Cook
Anything on the Smoker
Thing to Cook
Curry Chicken
Legally Married

Family Traditions
At Our Annual Crawfish Boil

Theresa’s family is from Germany and Christmas time is her favorite. One of her favorite traditions during the holidays is celebrating St. Nick’s Day – a tradition where children put their boots out for St. Nick who stops by in the middle of the night and puts little treats and knick-knacks in the boots for the children to wake up to on the morning of December 6th. To this day, Theresa’s mom still gives all of the children and grandchildren in the family a package from St. Nick. Theresa cannot wait to do the same for our child. We also celebrate Christmas Eve by driving around looking at Christmas lights, opening gifts and eating fondue. On Christmas day, Eric's parents always do a big Christmas meal and we spend time playing games and watching football. His mom is also an expert when it comes to stocking stuffers and always finds fun little toys or socks to surprise us with!

Both of our families are always together for holidays and we all switch off hosting. In recent years we’ve also begun an annual crawfish boil to kick off the beginning of summer. We're looking forward to creating some of our own traditions including new jammies, books and hot cocoa on Christmas Eve, looking at the changing leaves during fall and summer camping trips.

How We Met

We have been married for four years and together for 14. We met in the 6th grade after attending different elementary schools and became fast friends. In 8th grade, we began “dating” – basically our parents drove us to the movies or bowling alley where we spent time with other friends. Outside of a brief breakup in high school, we have been together ever since. We went to separate colleges 20 minutes away from one another and spent time together on weekends. After graduating we moved into our first place together and got married after 10 years of dating in 2013. We laugh because now at the age of 28 we have been together for more than half of our lives and are proud of the fact that we are middle school sweethearts. While meeting your spouse in middle school is rare, we love that we have a marriage and relationship built on a friendship that began when we were at the most awkward stage of our lives.

Our Lifestyle
Hiking Crested Butte

Currently, we both work Monday-Friday, but have dinner together every night. Since we moved in together we made it a priority to have dinner at the table – it is easy to get into a habit of something quick and sitting on the couch, but we decided right away that even though life gets busy, having dinner together allows us to catch up with each other and spend time together without the distractions of a TV.

On the weekends we are always doing something – from hiking and biking to trying new restaurants or barbecuing with friends and family, we are active and enjoy getting out of the house. However, we also enjoy the occasional weekend staying in our sweats, lounging around the house and watching movies.

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