We're David and Erin and we are excited to introduce you to our family. Our home is filled with laughter, adventure and love! From our third date, we have actively been praying for and discussing what we feel is our calling to adopt. We are humbled and grateful that you would consider us to be parents to your child and would be honored to make this journey with you.

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David Erin
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Engineering Project Coordinator Psychological Assistant
Master's Degree Master's Degree
Emma Stone
Tina Fey
Family Activity
Family Walks
Family Activity
Daily Walks with Our Dog
Holiday Tradition
Eating Too Much and Watching Football
Holiday Tradition
Hanging Our Stockings on Christmas Eve
Memory with Spouse
Our Fourth Date to Laser Quest
Memory with Spouse
The Day We Brought Home Our Dog
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
Hiking in New Zealand
Legally Married

Our Promise to You
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Our promise to you is to unconditionally love your child forever. We have already begun to pray for both of you for several months and find comfort in knowing that we will meet you one day soon. We also promise to never forget that you will love your child forever, as you are their first mother. Our future child will know of their special story and the unique role you play in their beginning. It is our hope that your child will know that they are loved every day by both of us as well as their extended family, including you.

We promise to give them a safe home from which they come to learn about themselves with a sense of pride and hope for the future. It is our greatest hope that they will learn what it means to live with an open heart for others and choose to be themselves without forgetting where they come from. We promise to fill the days with hugs, kisses, fresh baked cookies and child-like imagination. Although life will challenge them, we promise to always stand behind them with all the support we can come up with to catch them when they fall. Finally, we promise your child will understand how special they are, as well as how special you are for giving them the blessed life they will live.

Our Lifestyle
Hiking in the North Carolina Mountains

As fellow introverts and outdoor enthusiasts, we love spending time together exploring nature with our dog, Scrappy. From hiking at local mountains to exploring a new city on foot, we love to be hands-on and find peace in our surroundings. David loves to spend time playing sports and Erin spent many spring and summer afternoons during their dating years watching him play on a church softball league with his childhood friends. Now, we both look forward to the day that David can coach a team with our children and Erin can provide support from the sideline.

When we aren’t outside playing or hiking, we can often be found reading, cooking or playing games together. Our favorite game to play together is Bananagrams and we look forward to the day when we will have a third team player to join by our side. Erin also spends a lot of time cooking for us as well as others. If there is ever an opportunity to provide someone with a warm home-cooked meal or fresh cookie, she jumps at the chance. One day, we hope our children will bring their friends over to share these experiences with us with along with their child-like excitement for life.

Our Dog, Scrappy
Our Funny Pup

Anyone that has a conversation with us for more than 5 minutes likely has been introduced to our dog, Scrappy. Although technically we rescued him just 3 years ago, he has saved both of us, especially our spirits, on many occasions since then. From family vacations with him to the mountains to rainy days all curled up together on the couch, we are a tight unit. One of the greatest joys we have with him, however, is when we see him around little children. Although we like to think that we are his best friends, it is quite apparent to all that he feels a connection to any child he meets. He has developed such a closeness with our 2-year-old neighbor that she prays for him every night before bed and waddles down the driveway screaming his name every time she sees him. Although most happy to just lay by your side, we have no doubt that he will become the big loving brother to our future child and enjoy many days of running together in the backyard with them. Scrappy is such a source of joy in our lives and we know he will continue to be as we expand our family.

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