We are so grateful that you are taking the time to learn about us! We have so much love and laughter to give a child and know that our best years are ahead of us as parents. Being parents has been a dream come true! We respect your selflessness and bravery and hope to begin this journey with you!

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Ken Tammy
job description
Director of Operations 2nd Grade Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Master's Degree in Education
Children's Book
The Little Engine That Could
Children's Book
Charlotte's Web
Dream Job
Professional Snowboarder
Dream Job
On-Field NFL Reporter
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Trip to Boston
Memory with Spouse
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Thing to Cook
Chicken Marsala
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Discussing Adoption
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Just as our marriage is based on love, respect, openness, and honesty, so will our relationship with our child. Our child will know their adoption story as something to be proud of. Our child will know all the special people who made a selfless sacrifice for them.

Just as we did for our son Finn, Tammy will make a scrapbook of our child's adoption story. It will include pictures and the story of how we were brought together as a family. It will not only include us but also their birth parents.

"Before the day you were born, you were growing inside your birth mother's belly. She wanted you to be happy, cared for, and have the very best life. At this same time, mommy and daddy wanted to be parents again more than anything but we couldn't on our own. God brought your birth parents and us together, and they chose us to be your family and love you for always. You are very lucky to have two families who love you. God brings families together in many ways. Although you weren't born in my tummy, you were born from our hearts."

What Makes Us Unique
Can't Wait to Expand Our Family!

Tammy is an elementary school teacher. Her passion in life is children. Since she was a child herself, she always dreamed of working with children. Tammy is very patient, kind, and knows exactly how to encourage and motivate children. She knows how important it is for a child to feel loved and supported in order to succeed in life. It is important to Tammy for our children to have a great education. She works daily with our son Finn to help prepare him for school.

Ken is the oldest of 7 siblings. His youngest brother and 2 younger sisters were adopted. Ken, growing up in a house with a father who was not his biological father, knew the importance of being sure his adopted siblings shared the same love and closeness as his biological siblings. He learned from his parents how to be a role model and provide a loving and secure home. He truly understands the importance of every child feeling special and will welcome any child with open arms.

Leisure Time
Boston Red Sox Game

We are a very active family and truly value our time together. We love playing soccer, baseball, basketball, and tag in our backyard. Living in Florida allows us to enjoy many outdoor activities year round like going to the beach, playing at the park, swimming in the pool, having fun at splash parks and fountains, and walking through nature trails. Tammy and Finn enjoy going to mommy and me classes together such as music and gym. We are also huge sports fans! Depending on the time of the year, you could find us at golf tournaments and NFL, college, or basketball games. We are definitely looking forward to the day when we can coach our children in sports.

We value our relationships we have with our family and friends. We are so lucky to live close to our families so there are always cookouts, birthday celebrations, and pool parties. We also spend much of our time as a family playing and talking with the families in our neighborhood. We get together for cookouts, ice cream parties, and sports.

The value of giving back to others is something very dear to our hearts. As a child, Tammy had cancer and she is very dedicated to volunteering for the American Cancer Society and Make A Wish Foundation as they had a big impact on her life. Ken is also involved in Habitat Angel and our church. The tradition of giving back to those in need will be instilled in our children as well.

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