We are overjoyed at the thought of expanding our family through adoption. We know what a blessing a child is and truly hope that our long-time wish to become parents becomes a reality. We cannot wait to share our life, love, and future with an addition to our family. We hope that you consider us, and we really appreciate your taking the time to read our profile.

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Ryan Tara
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Director of Risk Management Associate Director - Real Estate
Master's Degree in Accounting Bachelor's Degree in Education
Gone Girl
The Notebook
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The Lion King
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Family Activity
Going to VA Tech Football Games
Family Activity
Playing at the Park
Musical Group
The Eagles
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Lady Antebellum
Summer Vacations With the Family
Thanksgiving Dinner/ Decorating for Christmas
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Why We Chose Adoption
Playing Soccer on Easter with Our Niece & Nephew

Children have always been a big part of our lives. Tara received a degree in Early Childhood Education and was a babysitter for several families over the years. Ryan and Tara love spending time with Ryan's niece and nephew. They also enjoy spending time with friends and their children. After trying for a child and being unsuccessful, we wanted to find a way to start our family. We have always known that adoption was a potential path for us. Biologically ours or not, we would love a child unconditionally.

After several discussions, we decided that this journey was meant to be ,which led us to where we are today. After speaking with our parents and immediate family, they gave us their full support and are extremely excited to have a new member of the family. We are very excited to have the opportunity to be considered as potential parents.

Family Traditions
Christmas Crafts & Cookies With Our Niece & Nephew

We have many family traditions that we celebrate and participate in throughout the year. Birthdays are especially important to our family. We tend to gather and celebrate each person’s birthday at Ryan’s parents’ house with a favorite cake of the birthday family member’s own choosing. We also sing songs, take pictures, and open presents. Also each summer, we take a family vacation. Usually it’s a fantastic trip to Myrtle Beach. Two years ago we shook things up and took a Disney World vacation. It was magical and so wonderful to see the faces of our niece and nephew as they experienced Disney World for the first time. Finally, we love Thanksgiving and Christmas. Typically both are spent with family at Ryan’s parents’ house, where we enjoy a huge meal, watch football, and play games with the children. On Christmas Eve, we open gifts and play family games. On Christmas morning, we get up with the children to see what Santa brought them. That is followed by a big family breakfast and a relaxing day experiencing the joy of family at Christmas. It’s such a fun time!

Addressing Cultural Diversity
London Was Truly a Beautiful City

As a new parent we will address cultural diversity daily. We will teach our child about his or her racial, ethnic, and cultural background, because we believe this is essential in raising a happy and healthy child. We will continue to educate ourselves on all races. As our child has questions, we will strive to help them understand all different races and backgrounds. Exposure to different cultures by attending various events and joining culturally diverse groups will be part of our journey. Our town has several multicultural events each year that are extremely well attended. We also have several friends whose children have attended diverse summer camps and music classes and have loved them. We will enjoy exposing our child to those wonderful experiences. Education through books, articles, and social media groups will also help us on the journey to being successful in addressing cultural diversity. These books will be both for our child and us as parents. Finally, we cannot wait to have our child interact with the children in our neighborhood. We are proud of our diverse community.

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