Adoption is a blessing and we are so grateful to be on this path. We have so much love to share and can't wait for our family to grow. We hope that you feel confident as you get to know us that we will provide a safe and loving home for your child. Thank you for having the courage to consider adoption and for putting your faith in us.

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Thomas Kelly
job description
Restaurant Manager Physician Assistant
Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree
Yoga & Cooking
Dream Vacation
St. Andrews, Scotland
Dream Vacation
Memory with a Child
Teaching My Nephew to Fish
Memory with a Child
Volunteering as a Camp Counselor
Snook Fishing in the Summer
Going to Nana's House for Spaghetti and Meatballs on Sunday
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
Children's Book
Love you Forever
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Fishing Off Our Boat

Living in Florida we have the privilege of enjoying the beautiful weather in our leisure time. Being that we both grew up in Florida, we spent a lot of time on the water and outdoors. We are both active and like to stay busy. Thomas loves to golf, fish, hike, swim in our pool, and bike on the trials near our home. Kelly enjoys swimming, gardening, going to the gym where she boxes, and also enjoys biking. In addition, we both enjoy gardening and watching sports such as college football and soccer.

When we spend time with family we enjoy playing games such as dominoes, trivial pursuit, cards, and bocce ball. We also love spending time out on our boat as well as spending time with our dog Maddie. We have a very walkable downtown area near our home with lots of parks and there are special activities regularly including farmers markets and arts and craft shows. We love getting fresh fruits, vegetables, and plants from local farmers. We also love to go to the nearby blueberry farm where we pick our own berries and make the best blueberry pancakes.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Our Family Home in Germany

Our favorite vacation spot is our family home in Germany. Located in a small town near Munich. We love this spot for a variety of reasons. First, Thomas’ father was born and raised in the neighboring town of Diessen. Going to see, in person, all the places he heard about in his stories brings the family closer together. Second, Thomas’ family spent many summers together in Germany, so they have created great memories there. They were lucky enough to spend between 3 - 7 weeks there almost every year. Staying for this length of time allowed them to learn the language, assimilate with the local culture, and even make lifelong friends. The culture is another key reason why we enjoy the area. Raisting is a small farming village that exudes a calm, easy going, and simple way of life. Exposure to this simple atmosphere really gives us time to unwind, relax and reflect on what is truly important in life - family. The final reason we continue going back is the landscape’s natural beauty. The green rolling fields, lakes and streams, and the breathtaking Alps set a perfect backdrop to all our adventures. We hope to continue this summer vacation tradition. We will soon take our 4th trip together, and our young nephews have already been twice!

Our Dog, Maddie
We Love Our Girl

Pets are an important part of our lives both mentally and physically. Growing up we both had pets that were a part of the family. The love and connection we made throughout the years with our family pets naturally led us to want pets of our own. In our current home we have a red golden retriever named Maddie. Mentally, we feel that Maddie is therapeutic. Having Maddie as a companion reduces the stress of everyday life. There is nothing like the greeting we get from her when we get home from work, it brings us so much happiness. Physically we love staying active, and having Maddie fits in to this lifestyle. Some of our favorite activities such as being outdoors, swimming, hiking, and being on the water are made even more enjoyable with her company. Seeing her excitement and happiness during these activities is rewarding and brings us joy. Maddie provides true unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship and we couldn't imagine our life without her.

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