We are so grateful to have the chance to share our family with you, and we hope that you are able to see just how excited we are about adoption. We cannot wait to laugh with, teach, and raise a child and greatly appreciate this opportunity that you are giving us. Thank you for considering us to be your child's parents!

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Jim Sam
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Addressing Cultural Diversity
Exploring the Shores of California

When we decided that we were ready to start a family and decided to adopt, we discussed adopting a child of a different race. We researched and read books about adopting transracially and did not take the decision lightly.

We understand how important racial identity will be to the well-being of our child; we understand that we should not just acknowledge our child's race, but celebrate our child's background. We have decided that we will make sure our child has ample opportunity to embrace their heritage, and we look forward to taking our child to events in our area that celebrate that heritage. We think it is important that we teach our child how special they are and to be proud of whom they are.

Dressed Up for Local Horse Races

We live a very laid back lifestyle. Even though Jim is an attorney which usually is a very high demand job, he has a ton of flexibility at work and is able to work from home as much as he wants and needs to. Sam works as an independent contractor occupational therapist. This means she makes her own hours and has a completely flexible schedule since she can see as many or as few patients as she wants to in any given week. She plans to take time off of work once we add a baby to our family. We are often able to match each other's schedule in order to take long weekends to visit family or friends in different areas. We spend a lot of time at home with our animals, playing soccer, riding horses, and being around friends.

Leisure Time
Jim With His Soccer Team After a Championship Win

We both have hobbies that we are passionate about. Jim's favorite hobby is to play soccer. He plays a few nights per week, and has friends at soccer that will often bring their families and young babies to cheer on the sidelines. Sam goes to soccer to cheer on Jim as well as to get in some much needed baby time with her friends. Jim also likes to spend time practicing music, whether it is playing piano, guitar, or drums. Jim can't wait to begin a little family band with our child.

Sam's major hobby is riding her horse a few times per week. The barn where she keeps her horse is very active socially and there are quite a few moms with babies in the group. Riding horses is something we are so excited to add to the life of our child. We think that learning to groom and care for an animal such as a horse teaches a child responsibility and to respect animals. Also, the bond between horse and rider is very special, and Sam would love to share that bond with the child. She is also excited to have "get-togethers" with her friends from the barn who have children.

We both have very flexible jobs. Sam plans to take time off of work to stay home with the baby. Jim is able to work from home 2-3 days per week. So we both have a lot of time to introduce our hobbies to our child.

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