Life is a gift. What a selfless person you must be, to consider giving such a gift. We don't take lightly the responsibility of adopting a child, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being willing to consider placing your child for adoption with our family.

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Why We Chose Adoption
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Since the time that we were dating in college, we always talked about how incredible adoption was. It takes a very special set of parents to understand that what is best for their child is sometimes for him or her to be raised by somebody else. That level of sacrificial love is awe inspiring. A child who starts life with that level of love and understanding deserves an upbringing worthy of that sacrifice.

We knew even back then that we would want to be a home to an adopted child. To give that child a strong upbringing, to give them educational opportunities, a chance to travel, and the chance to grow into their best self. To do our best to raise that child into somebody as selfless and brave as their birth parents.

After we were married, we planned to have one or two biological children, and then to adopt one or two more. We wanted a family of three. As it turns out, we struggle with infertility, and it was very difficult to conceive our two children. This solidified in our hearts that we were meant to adopt a child. Biology has taken us as far as it can go in achieving our family of three. We now turn to adoption to complete our family.

Our Children
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We have two boys. Jonah is four years old. He is a sweet and silly little boy. He is a wonderful big brother to our youngest son Solomon, age two. Both of our boys are very caring. They play well with others, and they always want to help out if there’s a baby in the room. We think they will be excellent big brothers to an adopted child.

We hope our experience as parents will give you confidence in selecting us to raise your child. Our home and family schedule are already setup to accommodate kids. We are an interracial family, so the addition of a child that looks different than us is not a big deal. Our boys are used to being around friends and relatives of all different colors, orientations, religions, and genders.

Your child will be accepted into our home and raised no differently than our biological children. They will know that the way they joined our family was a little different and is very special, but otherwise they will just be another one of our kids.

Addressing Cultural Diversity
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As a biracial family, we believe that we are uniquely suited to take on a transracial adoption. Jenni is Caucasian, but she is a mother to biracial children and a wife to a person of color (POC). As a POC, Jobin understands what it feels like to be discriminated against.

Because of our family makeup and the current state of the nation, we are very much aware of the difficulties facing POC in our world. We understand that our adopted child may face different types of discrimination than those that we have already experienced. Even before we started this process, we always made an effort to educate ourselves about the plight of different POC in America. To engage with our friends who look different than us or practice different religions. To really hear them and understand their point of view.

We rally. We march. We vote. We donate to causes that help ensure equality. We are raising our children to be kind and accepting of people. Not to be colorblind. But to realize the extra burden our friends with different skin tones and religions experience.

We will give our adopted child resources so they understand their heritage. We will find mentors in the community who understand their point of view. Most importantly, we will listen to them. We will really hear them when they express concern about being treated differently in this world, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that they receive equal opportunities.

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