Thank you for the opportunity to welcome a child into our lives. We know you have given this decision much thought and we want you know that we have as well. We are so excited to adopt and become parents. We cannot wait to share our lives and family with a child and will provide a home with all the kindness, love and support we can to give your child the best life possible.

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Scott Laura
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Attorney Social Worker
Postdoctoral Degree in Law Master's Degree in Social Work
Mark Twain
J.K. Rowling
Childhood Toy
Legos and Transformers
Childhood Toy
Stuffed Dog Named Mitch
Dream Job
Dream Job
Leisure Activity
Listening to Music
Leisure Activity
Thing to Cook
Anything on the Grill
Thing to Cook
Homemade Soup
Legally Married

How Adoption has Affected Us
Indoor Camping with Our Nieces at Our Place!

Scott’s best friend since childhood is adopted. The adoption was always part of his story and looking back, that was important. His adoption story wasn’t unusual to him or his friends because it had always been a part of his life. Although Scott’s friend did not know his birth mother until later in life, they now have a relationship.

Laura’s good friend made an adoption plan for her daughter while they were in high school. Laura’s friend has maintained contact with her daughter and the adoptive family, seeing them once or twice a year. Her daughter graduated at the top of her class, was homecoming queen and started college this fall. Laura’s friend went on to college and law school and is now married with two boys. Her sons have a gotten to know their sister and have traveled to watch her play sports and to celebrate her graduation from high school. Not only did her decision give her daughter a wonderful life but also allowed Laura’s friend to pursue her own dreams and goals.

How We Met
Visiting the Coffee Shop Where We Had Our First Date

We met in college during Laura’s sophomore year and Scott’s senior year through mutual friends. Scott was immediately struck by how kind Laura was to everyone she met, her genuine compassion for others, her sense of humor, intelligence, and her beauty. Laura was drawn to Scott right away for many of the same reasons. Scott is funny, handsome; he treats everyone with respect and is also incredibly smart.

We had our first date at a coffee shop and talked for hours even though it only seemed like minutes. It immediately became clear that we had a lot in common, sharing a lot of the same interests, values and goals for the future. We both came from close, supportive families and place a high priority on the relationships with our family and friends.

Scott had plans to attend law school in California the following year but we knew quickly that we wanted to continue our relationship. Our friends and family recognized the special connection we had and were very supportive during the time we were apart. We dated long distance for almost a year, communicated often and travelled back and forth from the Midwest to California to see each other. This year made our relationship stronger and made it totally clear we wanted to be together.

Family Traditions
Halloween Fun with Nieces and Nephews

We spend Christmas Eve at Scott's parent’s home with lots of great food, laughter and reminiscing. On Christmas Day, we head out to Laura’s parents’ farm with her parents, grandmother, siblings, and our nephews and nieces. We have a big meal with a new theme each year and spend most of the time playing with the kids and visiting.

Each year we also have both families to our home for a dinner before Christmas. We love that our families get along really well – in fact, our parents get together fairly frequently! Thanksgiving is usually a large meal with our families, followed by decorating the Christmas trees and on Easter we have the traditional Easter egg hunt out at Laura’s parents’ farm - one for the kids and one for the adults!

Each Halloween we help take our nieces and nephews trick or treating. Last year Scott dressed up as Mickey Mouse with Laura and our two nieces as Minnie Mouse. Laura’s brother is a volunteer fire fighter and the fire department hosts fire truck rides for all the kids. We look forward to it each year!

We travel to Hawaii and Arizona each year to visit our parents who spend a couple months each winter there. These trips have become incredible traditions and we are so excited to bring a child on these adventures with us.

Each year we attend a MLB game and an NFL game with family.

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