We are excited to adopt a child into our home and life. Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We can't wait for life with a new little one to see him/her learn, grow, wonder, and thrive. We love to love life in all its messiness and all its joys. We are excited to share all of it with our little one, and we can't wait to meet you.

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Joe Tiffany
job description
Social Media Manager Director of Talent Development
Master's Degree in Economics & Divinity Master's Degree in English Education
Memory with a Child
Coaching High School Football
Memory with a Child
Taking My Nephews Bike Riding
Redoing Furniture
Hot Apple Cider in the Fall
Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree
Dream Vacation
Paris With My Family
Dream Vacation
Japan With My Family
TV Show
The West Wing
TV Show
Game of Thrones
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents
We Can't Wait to Share Our Adventures With a Child!

We have both worked with children for many years, and having watched and listened to our friends/family who are parents, we believe that any parenting philosophy should be shaped to fit the child. We want to provide a safe space where our children are encouraged to explore the talents and gifts they possess, learn, grow, make mistakes, and learn from them. We would like to teach our children that they are valuable and loved no matter what they do or don't accomplish. We want our children to be free to explore and experiment with confidence that their worth isn't based on achievement.

We are a big proponent of discipline that clarifies and helps rather than punishes. We would like to teach right and wrong as a reflection of outcomes. Right and wrong, in our experience can be hard to judge perfectly when confronted with the complexities of life, so we would like to teach our children to use critical reasoning to hypothesize whether the outcome of their behaviors will be positive or negative and to make their decisions based on what is most likely to result in the positive outcome.

There are many values we want to instill in our children, but most importantly, we want all those values to ensure that they feel loved, are able to give love freely, and are kind and wise. We are beyond excited to experience life with this little human, to watch him/her grow into the beautiful, complex human being he/she is meant to be.

Our Leisure Time
Biking With Our Nephews

We like to work hard and play hard. We love when the two co-exist. On any given weekend, Joe might be learning about why the sky is blue or teaching Tiff how to play chess.

Tiffany loves to be outdoors any chance she gets hiking, biking, running, or grilling out.

Both of us have amazing friends that we enjoy bonding with through these activities. We find that the most genuine conversations rise to the surface when people can just be themselves and enjoy life.

Joe Performs Stand-Up, Comedy Skits & Improv

We've been fortunate to live in some fun cities to explore, learn about the people we meet, the history, and the food. Everywhere we've lived, Joe has gotten involved with Improv and Stand-up comedy and shines on any stage whether it's performing or leading youth group. Some of Tiffany's favorite memories are watching his improv shows – he even proposed at one!

We can't wait to share the gift of laughter with our child. We strive to be dignified in all we do and believe that dignity is the delicate balance of compassion and truth. We look forward to experiencing the realities of life, both hard and joyful with our child and learning from them together. We look forward to learning what their talents, thoughts, worries, and joys are – watching them grow into who they already are and will become.

Our Pup, Pizza
Christmas With Pizza

We love our little 10-lb. dog Pizza. He's a little ball of energy who loves to play with our friends' children and has never met another dog he doesn't love. His best friend's name is Taco, and even though Taco is 10 times Pizza's size, they rumble and run together both at Tiffany's work, on runs, and at one of their homes. Even though Pizza is only 10 lbs, he has terrier in him, so he can run up to 6 miles with Tiffany, but never gets too far ahead, because we are his humans – he wants to stay close. Pizza can tell when we are sad and need to cuddle, and he helps us slow down, to get outside, to enjoy life, and to enjoy each other. We can't wait for him to cuddle up with our baby and in years to come, run around our yard with our little one and his/her friends.

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