We are humbled by your brave decision to consider adoption. We consider becoming parents one of the greatest privileges and we are ready to provide a loving home to a little one. We love each other deeply and we are excited to share our unconditional love with a child. We invite you to join us on this journey.

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Dillon Vanessa
job description
Physician Physician Assistant
Doctor of Medicine Master's Degree in Medicine
Peach Cobbler
Warm Brownies
Dream Job
NBA Basketball Player
Dream Job
Being a Mom
Leisure Activity
Reading by the Pool
Leisure Activity
Riding My Bike
Memory with a Child
Opening Christmas Gifts with My Nieces and Nephews
Memory with a Child
Taking My Nieces to Breakfast at Denny's
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Breaking Bad
TV Show
The Voice
Legally Married

Cultural Heritage
Date Night

Dillon is half American and half Colombian. He grew up in South Florida but spent several years in Colombia as a high school student. He has always been surrounded by people of all races. His nieces and nephews are from various ethnic backgrounds including African American, Jamaican, and Puerto Rican.

Vanessa was born in Peru but came to the US very early in life. She grew up eating Peruvian food and observing Peruvian traditions but was raised in South Florida which is an extremely diverse area. It is known as a melting pot of all cultures. Her childhood friends were from all parts of the world including Haiti, Central, and South America.

Both of us are bi-lingual and speak Spanish and English. We hope to someday learn French! We have learned the importance of embracing different cultures and speaking more than one language as this has been a huge benefit for us working in the medical field.

Our Passions
Riding Our Bikes Downtown

We are both very active people and love enjoying the outdoors. We have experienced so many amazing things together such as skydiving, whitewater rafting, hiking biking, zip-lining, and traveling the world together. One of our favorite activities is riding our bikes to downtown, about 10 miles away. We absolutely LOVE eating delicious foods and we reward ourselves with food from our favorite restaurants after our bikes rides. We would definitely call ourselves foodies. Our favorites are Chinese, Mediterranean, Ethiopian and Indian food.

Dillon loves playing all types of sports including basketball, tennis, and golf. He is currently taking classes in martial arts (Jiu Jitsu) and even does some competing when he has a chance. As a doctor, he is passionate about medicine and loves reading up on the latest surgical techniques in his free time.

Vanessa is active in her church and is very involved in the children's Sunday school ministry. Through her church, she has had lots of exposure to families who have adopted. Many children in their Sunday school at church have been adopted from the foster care system as well as internationally. She also mentors a little girl with Big Brother Big Sisters and spends one day per week doing something fun with her such as ice skating, swimming or dancing. Vanessa is also passionate about medicine and has done some medical mission work in Haiti.

Our Hopes for an Open Adoption

We both consider open adoption a huge plus. The advantage of having this child grow up not only knowing that his or her birth parents loved them at birth but continue to love them, is priceless. We want this child to know that the sacrifice you made in choosing adoption was an incredibly loving one. We also think it's a huge privilege for this child to know where he/she came from. It's important to us for them to know as much as possible about their ethnicity and cultural background and we will always encourage them to embrace their heritage. Open adoption also has the huge advantage of this child knowing their own medical history and their birth families' medical histories. The role that you can have in his or her life is such a special and unique gift. Overall, we feel that the more people in this child's life that love them, the better!

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