Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us! We are looking forward to expanding our family through adoption and would be honored to share our life with your baby. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and to get to know each other better. We wish you every blessing for your future!

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Brian Kim
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Fire Captain Stay-at-Home Mom
Some College Bachelor's Degree
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Family Activity
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Form of Exercise
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Delivering Sailor
Memory with a Child
Meeting Raylee
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Holiday Tradition
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Dream Job
Interior Designer
Sailor, Raylee
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Adoption in Our Lives
Brian and His Birth Mother

We have very personal experience with adoption. First of all Brian was adopted at birth. At that time it was a closed adoption but in 2014 he was able to reunite with his birth mother, Rita. It has been a wonderful experience blending in his biological family with his adopted family that he grew up with. Both families have been very open and loving towards each other. Brian has several cousins who were also adopted that he grew up with. For him adoption has always been a normal part of life. He knew he was adopted from the beginning and he knew he was loved and wanted from the beginning.

In 2016 we adopted our baby girl, Raylee. She has been the perfect addition to the family! We are very open about her adoption with her already and share pictures back and forth with her birth parents on a weekly basis! It’s hard to describe how perfect of a fit the relationship seems to be. Our hearts overflow with love and respect for their selfless decision. We can’t imagine our lives without any of them.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Fun at the Beach

Hawaii is hands down our favorite vacation spot! Not only is it fairly easy and economical for us to get to, but it holds many fun memories for both of us.

Our favorite aloha memory is when we got married in Hauula, Hawaii. We had around 60 of our friends and family join us for the week. We flew in on Saturday and watched the Seahawks win the Superbowl on Sunday! This was a huge highlight for Brian who has loved the Seahawks all his life. Sailor had a blast playing on the beach and being one of our "tutu girls." Kim said a special vow to both her and Brian as we became an official family the day of the wedding. It was definitely an unforgettable trip!

In 2005, Kim had the opportunity of spending 6 weeks on Oahu with her friend. Many memories and friends were made as they became self-proclaimed “locals”! Aside from that Brian has family that live on the island as well. He has great childhood memories visiting his Aunt, Uncle, and many cousins in Hawaii. His Aunt is native Hawaiian and they followed tradition with a large Ohana (family). Brian loved to hang out with all his cousins and play on the beach!

Cultural Diversity

We will love and accept any child that joins our family regardless of race. As a child Brian was part of a desegregation movement in the early 80s and was bussed to a primarily African American elementary school. He grew up not having a Caucasian teacher until Junior High. Our daughter Sailor also attends a very diverse and highly rated school and is part of the 20% Caucasian minority.

Regardless of our experiences, we understand, especially in today’s climate that race relations are a very important subject that we cannot ignore. We recognize that there are differences in culture and society that our child will need to be aware of and exposed to. In general, our city is very diverse, so sometimes we forget that there are areas not as liberal and accepting as a whole. Recently we have really been making an effort to put ourselves out of our comfort zone talking about race relations, especially with our family members who are not Caucasian and who can help give us a real perspective.

One thing that is for sure is we want to make sure that we find and surround ourselves with professionals and mentors such as doctors, teachers, hair stylists, friends, family, etc. that are the same race as our baby so that our baby grows up being around others that look like him or her!

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