We truly appreciate you reviewing our profile. We are so excited at the prospect of expanding our family through adoption. Family is most important to us and brings us the greatest joy. Being parents is what we prayed and dreamed of for so long and we don't take it for granted. We have so much love to give, happiness to bring and laughter to share with another child.

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Joe Stephanie
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Golfer Development Supervisor Application Developer and Support Specialist
Bachelor's Degree in PGA Golf Management Master's Degree in Bioengineering
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Nebraska Huskers
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Why We Chose Adoption
Our Family

Our journey to adoption was an interesting one. Long before we decided to start our family we had always considered adoption. Little did we know that we would both have fertility problems which made starting a family very difficult. When we realized that adoption and infertility treatments were our options, we decided initially to go both routes at the same time. We just wanted to have children and did not care how they became apart of our family.

We were blessed with our son, Calhoon (Cal), on our second in vitro fertilization attempt after several infertility treatments. The pregnancy was very complicated. Stephanie started having symptoms of pre-term labor at 20 weeks pregnant. Cal ended up coming 10 weeks early and after a long stay in the hospital he is now healthy.

All of our struggles with infertility and further difficulties with infertility treatments helped us learn that to have another child we needed to turn all of our focus on adoption. Becoming parents has been everything we dreamed of and more. We love parenting our son Cal. We pray that we will be able to expand our family through adoption. We have no doubt that we will love another child with all of our hearts.

Cultural Diversity
Friends Over for Playtime

We love the city we live in and one of its many advantages is that it has several colleges that give it a beautiful cultural diversity. We are so fortunate to be able to take advantage of the cultural centers, multicultural festivals and other events and resources of our city. The city's diversity extends beyond the college campuses and into our workplaces, community, church and neighborhood. Through our jobs, we both work alongside, serve and meet people from many different backgrounds and countries. Stephanie has been the only member of her department born in the United States on multiple occasions and has enjoyed getting to know more about her fellow team members and their respective cultures. Joe gets to work with the youth of our city and teaches children from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Culture is such an important part of every person's identity and we are excited to learn about and embrace another culture on a much more personal level when we are blessed to welcome another child into our home. We've loved learning from our friends and look forward to including our children in these celebrations of diversity and culture.

Our Hopes for an Open Adoption

Having a relationship with the birth parents is extremely important to us. We feel that everyone (the child, the birth parents and us) benefit from a strong relationship between parents. We want the birth parents to know how baby is doing and have confidence in their choice of adoptive parents. We as adoptive parents want to have contact with the birth parents as well because they are a very important part of who the child is. Lastly we want to model a cooperative and healthy relationship for the child and give them the gift of knowing just how many people truly love them.

We don't have specific ideas of the level of openness and would really leave that up to the birth parents preferences and comfort. We completely understand that preferences may change over time and we hope that the birth parents comfort with us would keep increasing. We simply want to do right by the birth parents and child regardless of what level of openness that is.

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