We believe that it is important in life to find the joy in everyday things, positively impact the world and continually learn. As parents we will share these same lessons, and will be there to love, support, and provide for a child. We would love to incorporate you in our lives, and look forward to building a lifelong relationship through the adoption triad.

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Jayson Mellissa
job description
Managed Repair Representative Service Center Supervisor
Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
Form of Exercise
Form of Exercise
Memory with Spouse
Our Wedding
Memory with Spouse
Getting Our Pets
Writing in Our Happy Book on Every Anniversary
Watching Our Wedding Video and Writing in Our Marriage Journal on Our Anniversary
Leisure Activity
Leisure Activity
Going to Disney World
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Halloween at Disney World

Jayson enjoys video games, music, EPL Soccer, doing projects around our home, and power lifting. Mellissa enjoys taking yoga/meditation classes because it is both a mental and a physical work out. She also enjoys listening to podcasts like NPR's Market Place and anything Disney.

The arts are an integral part of our life. This is one of the reasons we recently moved to Florida since it allows us the opportunity to partake in a plethora of cultural, art, and culinary events. We live a few blocks from downtown, which is home to the Performing Arts Center. We are looking forward to an upcoming live Film Concert with their orchestra. We also spend 2-3 days per month at Disney attending their festivals, concerts, and international pavilions. Our favorites are the Art Festival and Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT. We love that we can meet people and sample food, wares, and language from different cultures.

Another thing we do regularly is watch soccer games with the local Tottenham Hotspur supporter club. It's a family affair with kids and adults alike. We also love to travel. Between us both we’ve been to 12 other countries at least once and visited 30 states. We like enjoying the variety of food, culture and history. We usually include museums and landmarks along with shows, shopping, and lots of restaurants.

Fun Facts About Us
Our Fur Babies

1. We currently have 4 fur-kids that we've rescued. Fawkes, Ollivander and Ginny are all Maine Coon mix cats. Sunny is the lone dog. She's a 13 year old Shiba Inu that we rescued in 2010.

2. Mellissa is originally from Wisconsin.

3. Jayson is originally from Kansas City, MO, but lived in upstate NY as a teenager.

4. We are Disney fanatics, and regularly visit Walt Disney World.

5. We are avid fans of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

6. Jayson is an avid video gamer, and we own multiple video game systems including original games from his youth.

7. Music is an important part of our lives, and we both participated in band and chorus throughout high school.

8. We are devoted fans of the Harry Potter series.

9. Jayson has played guitar for 20 years, and continues to enjoy playing as a hobby.

10. Mellissa enjoys yoga, and particularly enjoys hot yoga to help relax as well as stay in shape.

Cultural Diversity

One of the reasons we have quickly fallen in love with our community is how diverse it is. Our immediate neighborhood has many blended families of all ages who share a passion for the environment, community, and buying local. We are surrounded by a heavily Asian influenced food and shopping scene. We are especially fond of learning about the art of sushi!

Half of our city speaks Spanish, and the community reflects the many countries that our Spanish speaking neighbors come from. A favorite new food we've enjoyed since moving are Empanadas from a couple who make them fresh at our local Farmer's Market! When we attend City Soccer games many of the chants are in Spanish so we've started learning for both work and leisure. We participate in both MLS and EPL soccer clubs because it's a wonderful blend of people from all over the country and the world! We've had the opportunity to experience different peoples, history, culture, language, and food firsthand. We believe experiencing your own and other cultures are important in one's development, and pledge to continue this with a child.

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