Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! We believe adoption is a beautiful gift and cannot wait to grow our family this way. We have an amazing little boy and are excited to give him a sibling to grow up with. Our home is filled with love and laughter and we are so grateful you are considering us as potential parents for your child!

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Jeff Heather
job description
Surgeon Stay-at-Home Mom
Doctor of Medicine Master's Degree in Educational Administration
Dream Job
Lead Guitarist in a Rock Band
Dream Job
School Librarian
Family Activity
Playing in the Pool
Family Activity
Playing in the Pool
Quality about my Spouse
Her Commitment to Her Faith, Family, and Friends
Quality about my Spouse
His Loyalty and Devotion to His Family
Vacation Spot
The Mountains
Vacation Spot
The Mountains
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption
We Love Being Parents!

It was important to both of us to have children someday, so about a year and a half into our marriage, we decided we were ready. We were so excited about our decision and could not wait to grow our family. Unfortunately a year passed and we still had not become pregnant. We decided to see a fertility specialist and he was very optimistic about our situation. Luckily, with the help of IVF, we had a healthy baby boy in January of 2016. He brought so much love and joy to our lives that when he turned one, we decided we were ready to have another baby. While Heather did become pregnant, it sadly ended in miscarriage. We had discussed adoption in the past and, instead of beginning fertility treatments again, we felt adoption was the way to expand our family. We both know that love is what makes a family and that families are created in many different ways. Jackson is such a sweet and affectionate little boy and we know we will be the best big brother! We are so excited about the opportunity to grow our family through adoption!

Our Leisure Time
Playing the Guitar Together

First and foremost, we love spending time together as a family! We watch movies, play in the pool, run around outside, go out to dinner, visit museums and so many other fun activities together. Music is always being played in our home and Jackson will often make us laugh with his awesome dance moves! Jeff loves to play the guitar and already has Jackson interested in playing as well. Attending concerts is something we always enjoy doing together too. We also love to travel both inside and outside of the United States. It is not uncommon for us to book a last minute trip or get away for a long weekend.

While we love spending time together, we each have hobbies that we enjoy. Jeff loves to golf with friends and family and goes to the golf club, where we are members, as often as he can. Jeff also loves to watch sports, especially football and hockey. You can find him and Jackson cheering on Jeff's favorite sports team any time of the year. Heather loves reading whenever she gets a chance, whether it is getting lost in her own novel or watching Jackson flip through the pages of his favorite book. Heather is a member of a mom's group in her community and has fun spending time and learning from other moms while Jackson and the other kids play together.

We love sharing our interests with Jackson and look forward to sharing them with another child!

Our Family Traditions
Finding the Perfect Pumpkins!

Traditions are such a unique aspect of a family and we are having so much creating family traditions that are special to us! We make it a priority to sit down and eat dinner together on a daily basis. We look forward to the day when Jackson and our future children can tell us all about their day. We also have a nightly tradition of putting Jackson to bed. We take him upstairs, read a book, say our prayers and tuck him tight. We can't wait to expand this tradition with another child!

The holidays are our favorite time of the year and many traditions have been created around them. Every year we go to a pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkin together! The week before Halloween we have so much fun carving our pumpkin. Recently a new Thanksgiving tradition was born! Jeff's family comes to visit for the week and we have a big Thanksgiving feast at our home. It is so fun to have Heather and Jeff's family together for Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving, we put our Christmas tree up and decorate our home for Christmas. Every Christmas Eve, we get to open one present. This package is filled with Christmas pajamas, books, and our favorite candy. Then we head upstairs to watch a holiday movie together!

We love the traditions we have created so far and are excited to see others that will become a part of our family!

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