We believe adoption is a gift and one that we treasure dear to our hearts! We want to express our appreciation that you are even reading our profile. We can't wait to add to our family through adoption again! To choose us to be your child's parents would mean the world to us. We hope that you consider us and we look forward to the journey that lies ahead.

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Brian Nicole
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Passport Specialist Certified Pharmacy Technician
Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts
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Childhood Toy
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Ferris Bueller's Day Off
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Finding Nemo
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Leisure Activity
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Education We will Provide
Mason & Mommy Playing With Legos

A high-quality education is extremely important to the both of us, and is vital to the success of the child in the real-world. We both received a strong education, and feel that our education along with our morals is who we’re today. This starts by having a positive home enrichment and reinforcement in the classroom. We plan on passing this onto our next child through various activities such as board games, puzzles, Legos, reading books, learns shapes, colors and counting. We also take our son to the Children Museum at least once a month where he learns to interact with other children; he learns different shapes, colors, and how to count where he uses his fine motors skills. Another reason why education is extremely important to us that both Nicole’s parents were educators. She was brought up in a family that had extremely high education morals.

Currently, we live two miles from the school. Education is also important because it allows the child to make friends that can last a lifetime but it also allows the child to participate in extracurricular actives which is imperative to their success. We feel that the happier the child is, the better they will do in school. We’ll also encourage them to have playdates with other kids from the school. Finally, education is important to us because the quality of the education that we received made learning both fun and exciting for us. We both attended college and received a bachelor’s degree while graduating with honors. We did this by encompassing leisure time with study time. Our college friends have lasted a lifetime because they are our best friends today.

Discussing Adoption
Daddy Reading to Mason

Adoption has changed our lives forever! The day we met our son, Mason, was the best day of our lives. Words cannot explain the love and joy he has brought into our lives. From the moment we held him in our arms, we knew we had just received the greatest gift we could ever imagine. We were fortunate enough to talk with our son birthparents at the hospital prior to the birth of our son.

We are so in love with Mason; he is so perfect in every way! He is such a blessing in our lives and we are amazed and grateful at the journey that led us to him. We have so much fun with our son that we are very excited to welcome another little bundle of joy to our family! We were amazed and overtaken by the loving and selfless gift his birth parents gave him and to us. While we had been hoping for a child for a long time before Mason was born, we could not imagined the way we felt when holding him in our arms. Seeing firsthand how beautiful and life changing adoption is, was one of the many reasons we talking about making it a part of our family!

We explain constantly to our son that he was adopted; we will explain that his birthparents circumstances did not allow them to provide endlessly and provide him with a great life. Which is why they had to make a very difficult decision in adoption. We will discuss adoption as openly and honestly with the second child. We’ve experienced so much joy, laughter, and unconditional love through this process and we cannot wait to complete our family with another child!

Favorite Vacation Spot
Mason on the Carousel

As a family, we love to take a vacation to Disney world once a year. There are many reasons why Disney World is a great place for our family vacation. “Disney World” is a magical place where memories will last a life time. The children and family get to interact with their favorite Disney character throughout the day starting with breakfast at the hotel as well as at the theme parks. Our 2.5 year-old son, Mason, loves to see Mickey Mouse. His face lights up when he sees his favorite character. It’s priceless.

Disney is a special place in our hearts. One of our favorite theme parks inside Disney is an Animal Kingdom. The reason why Animal Kingdom is one of our favorite theme parks at Disney is because our son loves to see the animals. He also loves to take the safari ride, where he can see the various animals up close and personal. Our son’s favorite animal is the giraffe. He loves to interact and feed the giraffes. Disney also does a fireworks show at night for entertainment. When watching the firework show at night, we can teach Mason the different colors while they are in the air. Whenever we go to Disney World, we stay at Grand Floridian Resort and Spa where we can catch the Disney Monorail as the Disney Watercraft takes our family to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We hope to be able to share these memories with your child in the future.

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