We are so excited to have the opportunity to start our family through adoption! Our family is filled with love and laughter and we are infinitely appreciative that you are considering us. We have always seen adoption as part of our future and to have it now become a reality with your consideration is a dream come true.

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John Kate
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National Channel Account Manager Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
Bachelor's Degree in Business Master's Degree in Nurse Anesthesia
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hardy
Childhood Toy
Monkey Called "Emo"
Childhood Toy
American Girl Doll
Family Activity
Watching a Movie as a Family
Family Activity
Going to the Beach
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Kings of Leon
Musical Group
Van Morrison
Kiss My Wife Before Bed Every Night
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What it Means to be a Parent
Finishing Up a Hike With Our Friends in Colorado

Our parents always used to tell us, "everything we do for you is to provide you with the opportunity to have a better life than us." This is exactly what it means to be a parent to us. We want to give our children every opportunity to have better lives then we have through every aspect of their life as they age. As parents, we want our children to attend the best schools for their education which will create endless opportunities for them throughout their lives. We want to travel with them so they become culturally diverse. We want to teach them new languages, how to cook, to play a musical instrument, to be involved with sports and be a team player, to be a leader, laugh at themselves and fill the world with love so that they can have every open door of possibility for them in life- whichever direction they choose. To be a parent means to put our children first and to enable them to be the best versions of themselves. What we expect to like most about being parents is to see our children reach their full potential.

We Always Find a Way To Hold Hands & Kiss When Crossing the Finish Line

We live a very active lifestyle. Running is our biggest hobby and has become a passion for us over the years. We have participated in over a dozen half-marathons and completed one full marathon. When we're not out on the road running, you can find us hiking together on the local trails, at the park with our dog or trying out new restaurants. Another one of our passions is traveling. We've been fortunate enough to visit Italy, Spain, France, England, the Caribbean, some Nordic countries and most of the United States. We've also spent time volunteering for children who have lost loved ones which has been an incredible experience. When we're not on the go, we spend as much time as we can with friends and family. We visit Kate's family at the beach and play games or take our nephews out to have fun. We also visit John's family and spend a lot of time at the pool with extended family. It's not until late Sunday evenings that we get to unwind and relax by catching up with a movie or show together in the family room after dinner.

Discussing Adoption
Kate With Our Best Friend's Baby Before Going to the Beach

We intend to tell our child as early and often as they can comprehend about adoption to create a foundational understanding to build from as we craft the explanation of our personal adoption story. We want this child to understand that adoption is a celebratory blessing for parents and children to be part of a unique and loving family, how it's critical that they be introduced to the importance of the birth mother in the adoption process and why we want to create an opportunity to explore their cultural heritage. We want this child to keep in touch with the birth mother or extended family throughout life if possible. Our goal is to create an environment where adoption is a gift and an incredibly positive experience.

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