Thank you for taking the time learn a little bit about us. We hope you will be able to see how much we love each other and our family and get a little glimpse into the full, happy life we will provide for a child. We are beyond excited to become parents and we promise that we will do everything in our power to be loving, nurturing, supportive parents!

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Ron Themis
job description
President/CEO Attorney
Master's Degree in Technology Law Degree
Dream Job
Owner of the Boston Red Sox
Dream Job
Running an Animal Rescue
Holiday Tradition
Watching Christmas Movies with Popcorn and Hot Cider
Holiday Tradition
Playing Board Games With Family on Christmas Day
Chocolate Cake
Anything With Coconut!
TV Show
America's Got Talent
TV Show
Dancing With the Stars
Musical Group
Musical Group
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
Beautiful Rome - We Can't Wait to Share the World With a Child!

Adoption has affected both of our families and us. Themis has a cousin who was adopted from South Korea. Themis is close to her cousin and to her aunt and uncle who chose to adopt. Ron also has adoption on his side of the family. One of Ron’s cousins and his wife adopted a baby from China. Finally, one of Themis’ dearest friends, whom she has been a friend with now for over 27 years, is adopted. Through all of these personal connections to adoption, we have seen how amazing it can be to adopt and become a family through adoption.

We have seen so much love in the families that were created through adoption and how it is possible to give a child love, a caring family, opportunities, and support and for the adoptive parents to gain the same in return. We can’t wait to experience this for ourselves. We know we have a great support network of family and friends who have gone through the adoption process or have been adopted, if we ever have any questions or need support. We also believe that our friends and family who have been adopted will be a great support system for our child.

Leisure Time
Walking the Dogs With Family at Sunset

We try to be active as much as possible and look forward to having our child experience all the activities we enjoy. We enjoy going to the beach, stand-up paddle boarding and taking walks on the beach at sunset. We also enjoy hiking local trails in Southern California, and we try to find hikes whenever we travel. Themis is an avid yoga practitioner and Ron spends his leisure time running, mountain biking, playing the acoustic guitar, and building things in his wood shop.

At a Concert to Support Veterans

Ron is a Army veteran and we always do something special to celebrate his service and the service of all our veterans on Veterans Day. We have done activities like participating in a Veterans 5k race and attended charitable events for the veterans.

We also love to play board games with our immediate and extended family. We often have game nights at Themis’ parents’ house on the weekends.

Our Life Priorities

Family takes priority over everything. Themis has a large extended family and the whole family is always helping each other in one way or another - from us taking care of our niece, Ellie, to Themis’ mom watching our dog when we go on vacation, to Ron solving all of the family’s IT issues. In this day and age life can be very busy, but our family always takes time for one another.

This will be no different when we have our own child. Our child will take precedence over everything. We are committed to providing all the love we have and the best life possible to our child. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and our family, without a doubt, is the village that will help in every way possible. Our families are already so excited about our adoption plan and can’t wait to meet our child. We look forward to seeing our child grow up surrounded by family and share in the same amazing support network that we are so blessed to have.

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