Hi, we're Jon and Jenny. Thank you for looking at our profile. We are no strangers to adoption because Jenny was adopted herself. Because of this, it has always been in our hearts to follow this path. We are so excited to share our love with a child. We hope that you consider us, and we look forward to the adventure ahead.

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Jon Jenny
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IT Customer Service Agent
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Some College - Studied Secondary Education
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Dream Vacation
Road Trip Along the California Coast
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Dinner Together
Family Activity
Working On Cars/Motorcycles
Working on My Truck
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Where the Wild Things Are
Children's Book
The Velveteen Rabbit
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Type of Music
Indie Rock
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Adoption in Our Lives
Date Night

Adoption has been a part of Jenny's identity from the very beginning. She was four weeks old when she was adopted by her family. Her adoption has helped to shape and mold her into the human being she is today. It has been the brightest star that has guided us down the path to adopting now that we are ready to grow as a family. At a young age, Jenny had decided she wanted to adopt because of her experiences as an adopted person. She is not the only adopted person in her family either. Her aunt was also adopted as a small child. When we first started dating, and things started to "get serious" Jenny let Jonathan know that this was a dream of hers that she wanted to see through one day. We are so excited to start this journey towards a dream that started over two decades ago.

Our Leisure Time
With Jenny's Truck at the Ducktail Run

One of the things we like to do in our spare time is work on our classic cars, and go to car shows. Since he was 18 years old, Jon has had a 1968 Ford Galaxie that he likes to take to shows. Jenny had always wanted an old truck that she could take to car shows as well. So, in 2015 when we found a 1969 Ford F100 for sale, it was a perfect fit!

There is one main car show, the Ducktail Run, that we like to go to every summer. We get there on Thursday, and camp out all weekend with our friends. We've been going for six years now, and Jenny has taken her truck for the last three. We love to walk around admiring all the other cars people bring, and we dream about certain classic cars we can't wait to work on together one day. It is probably our favorite week in the year that we are so excited to introduce to the next generation. We love when our nephew comes out because he loves all the cars. We would love for him to share this with a cousin one day.

Our classic cars are fun projects that we can work on together, as we have time. It is great to see the progress we make on them, and it is a lot of fun to have projects that we can work on together.

Our Promise to You

The greatest promise a person can make is a pinky promise. So here is our pinky promise to you. We promise that we will only speak in loving, kind ways about you to your child. We promise to raise this child to know love, stability, kindness, and respect for all. We promise that this child will know that their family is more than our family, but your family too. We promise this child will know that their big family loves them so much. We promise that this child will grow to know adventure and laughter whether it is through a journey or from the comfort of their bookshelf. This child will be raised to be confident and to reach for the stars. This child will know the joy of game nights with family and late nights watching their favorite movies under blanket forts. We promise that this child will be given the world because they will be the world to us.

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