Thank you very much for considering us as potential adoptive parents! We are extremely excited and humbled to begin this journey. Rest assured, if you pick us, we will love and nurture this child every single day. We will dedicate our lives to making this child happy, keeping the child safe, and guiding and supporting him/her through the journey of life!

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Ben Maggie
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Attorney Attorney
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Spending Time Together
Family Activity
Spending Time Together
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National Geographic Photographer
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Adoption in Our Lives
We Love to Hike!

Adoption is very near and dear to our hearts. It has literally allowed Ben to exist, and us to meet. Ben's mother was adopted at birth. As she has always said, she is special because she was loved by not one, but two families. Her (adoptive) parents raised her to be strong, confident, and successful. She then passed these traits on to Ben and his sister. Her adoption and this adopted child are tied together by an invisible bond. Ben is only here, and able to adopt this child, because loving, caring parents (birth and adoptive) chose adoption for his mother when she was born.

In addition to his mother, Ben's aunt and uncle are also adopted. Ben sees his cousins and their children and knows that none of the love, joy and happiness they share would have been possible without adoption. Ben's family is proof that adoption plants an amazing seed that grows for generations to come.

Childhood Memories

Maggie was born in Puerto Rico and is fully bilingual (English/Spanish). She moved to the United States for college and has lived here ever since. Maggie's parents, relatives, and friends made her who she is today. Maggie recalls all-day outings with her parents and brother every weekend growing up. Maggie’s parents hosted a large New Year’s Eve party for all family and close friends, the bulk of whom stayed the night. Her parents frequently took her and her brother with them to medical conferences around the U.S., allowing them to visit many important places when she was a child.

Ben is a native Texan and has lived here most of his life. Ben's mother, aunt and uncle are all adopted, so Ben grew up seeing first-hand the beauty and love that exists within an adopted family. When Ben was young, his family would drive to Colorado for vacation during the summer. These road trips fostered in him a love of the outdoors, which continues today.

Our Leisure Time
Beautiful View in Peru

Family takes priority over everything in our lives. Ben enjoys learning new things, working in the yard, washing cars, riding his bicycle, and the outdoors. Maggie enjoys exercising (at the gym and running outside in the neighborhood), sipping on coffee in the morning, chatting with family and friends, reading, and hosting house-gatherings. We have numerous family traditions, including putting up the Christmas tree in early November and taking it down after January 6. Every year, we have a new photo ornament made, capturing a notable event from that year. We love to travel and cherish our winter trips to the mountains. We also love our two French bulldogs dearly.

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