Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. Laughter and togetherness has always come easy. Patrick is this family's glue and Jenny helps it all make sense. Jenny has her dream job as the Corporate Trainer for the best pizza company in Chicago. Patrick is the proud owner of a successful design and fabrication company. We have been very fortunate in life and are eager to start a new chapter with a child to love.

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Patrick Jenny
job description
Business Owner Corporate Trainer
Bachelor's Degree in Theater Technology Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Building Furniture
Holiday Tradition
My Dad Reading Us "T'was the Night Before Christmas"
Holiday Tradition
Friendsgiving Dinner for Those We Can't Be With on the Holidays
Vacation Spot
Vacation Spot
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
Quality about my Spouse
Her Heart
Quality about my Spouse
His Loving Heart & Free Spirit
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity
Fun With Friends

We live in a diverse community, in a diverse world. This is something to be embraced and celebrated. Our diversity is what makes us special. I look forward to expanding my world view by welcoming and learning new things. I look forward to teaching our child about the uniqueness we gain through diversity. As parents, it is our job to teach our children that there is beauty and strength in diversity. We will encourage our child to be involved in diverse communities. We have friends and family from every community imaginable. Cultural diversity means much more than skin color or where you are from. It is our heritage, our rich traditions, and our new ones. There are so many incredible opportunities to experience all this world has to offer. We will raise our child to become someone who embraces diversity and seeks it out with an open heart and mind.

Qualities We Admire in Each Other
Best Friends

Patrick About Jenny: Jenny is a loving and dedicated daughter, niece, friend and wife. She was raised as an only child by the most loving mom a girl could have. I knew we worked great together before we started dating. As our life together evolves we continue to make each other better. Jenny has always surrounded herself with great people who embrace and challenger her. She loves spending time with our big extended families. She is really getting better at trying new, weird food with me, and laughing at all my jokes. Jenny encourages me and keeps me grounded. I don't know where I'd be without Jenny's love and friendship.

Jenny About Patrick: Patrick is a charismatic fun loving son, brother, friend and husband. Patrick stole my heart right from the start with his genuine smile and free spirit. He is great at making new friends. His open personality and witty humor draw people to him. He is great at trivia and loves a good joke. Patrick has spent the last several years building his business and I couldn't be more proud. When he is not cooking an amazing dinner he is in the garage building beautiful pieces of art or furniture for our home. You could almost say he can do it all. I am blessed every day to be able to call him my husband and my best friend.

What It Means to Become Parents
Patrick is the Best Uncle!

Being a parent means understanding that you are raising an adult and how you parent them will help mold the type of adult they are going to be. Being a parent means setting a good example for right and wrong, being present and always lending a guiding hand. Parents make their children feel safe, loved and help them to make the best decisions they can in life. I can't wait to be able to watch someone have a lifetime of firsts and discoveries. I believe parents are truly blessed to be able to watch their children taste their first favorite food, fall in love, make a hard decision and choose their own path.

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