Becoming parents through the gift of adoption has been our life's greatest joy and blessing! We believe being a parent is a tremendous privilege and great responsibility and we strive every day to be the very best Mom and Dad we can be. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and we're grateful and humbled that you have taken the time to get to know us better.

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Matt Marisa
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5th Grade Teacher Family Medicine Physician
Master's Degree in Education Doctor of Medicine
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Time of Day
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Memory with a Child
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Our Leisure Time
Family Night Cheering On the Royals!

In our free time, our first priority is spending time together as a family. Whether it’s a special dinner out at a new restaurant or an afternoon at the park or simply a lazy weekend afternoon at home we are intentional about enjoying quality time together as often as possible. We also love FOOD! Marisa loves to cook and enjoys the challenge of becoming a better chef with every new recipe.

Since moving into our first home about three years ago, Matt has developed a talent for wood-working and has made some beautiful furniture for our house. Matt has also been a die-hard fan of the Royals and Jayhawks since he was very young. He loves watching every Royals game on T.V. and going to as many games as he can. Some of Matt’s greatest childhood memories are of watching games with his dad—he can’t wait to make those memories with Max and our future children. He’s already taught Max to cheer “GO JAYHAWKS!” during KU games!

We also love traveling and believe it’s important to explore new places and experience different cultures. Combined, we have been to over twenty countries and hope to eventually make it to every continent. Max has already been on one long road trip and eight different flights in his short lifetime. We are so excited to travel with our children and introduce them to new people, new perspectives and help them learn more about our world.

Adoption in Our Lives
So Happy We Get to Live this Life Together

When we received God’s call to grow our family through adoption, we had no idea what to expect but we jumped eagerly at the opportunity to embark on such a special and unique journey. We didn’t realize that adoption can be an emotional rollercoaster as we experienced two failed adoptions before our son came into our family. We didn’t realize that our adoption journey would be filled with such deep love and support poured out on us from our family and friends who have been so excited for us to grow our family. Adoption has brought people into our lives who have become some of our very best friends because they, too, have known the joy of growing their families through adoption. Our children now get to grow up together.

Adoption has taught us that it’s LOVE that truly makes a family as we’ve watched our parents and siblings fall madly and completely in love with a little boy who doesn’t share their DNA but holds every piece of their hearts. Our adoption journey has taught us that all families are equally beautiful regardless of what they look like or how they found one another. Adoption has taught us lessons about life, love and ourselves that we had no idea we needed to learn. Simply put, we are better because of adoption and we’re grateful for this beautiful journey to grow our family.

Our Religious Beliefs
Max's Baptism

Our Catholic faith is the center of lives and is the core of who we are as individuals, as spouses and as parents. Our faith is where our story began and has shaped every aspect of who we are and how we live. Our faith has given us great strength and hope on our adoption journey and through the mountains and valleys we’ve experienced in life. We make it a priority to pray together both as a couple and as a family on a daily basis and we’re active in our church community where we are surrounded by so many beautiful examples of faithful, holy families. We truly LOVE our Catholic faith and we really look forward to passing this faith onto our children. Our greatest mission and responsibility as parents is to introduce our children to Christ’s love and make sure they know how valuable they are and how much God loves and cherishes them.

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