Hi! We're Joe and Jenn and we wanted to say thanks for taking the time to get to know us! We've been looking forward to expanding our family for some time and can't wait to become parents. We're a fun-loving, adventurous couple and can't wait to share our unconditional love with a child. We're so excited for the journey that lies ahead!

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Joe Jenn
job description
U.S. Navy Pediatric Physical Therapist
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting Doctor of Physical Therapy
4th of July BBQ and Pool Party
Cake for Breakfast on My Birthday
Memory with a Child
Taking My Niece & Nephew to See the Jets Where I Work
Memory with a Child
Teaching My Nephew How to Play Chess
Family Activity
Biking to the Beach
Family Activity
Biking to the Beach
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Legally Married

Our Professional Lives
Monkeying Around on the Playground

Jenn is a pediatric physical therapist, specializing in working with children with special needs. Many of her patients have cognitive and physical developmental delays and she helps children learn to walk, jump, run, and interact with their environment so they can play with their friends and family. She gets to spend her days playing tag, jumping on trampolines, sailing down ziplines, and climbing rock walls all in the name of therapy. She currently works full-time but will switch to part-time once we have a child so that she can be present for school drop-offs/pick-ups, bake sales, parades, and field days. She is fortunate to have a career that allows her the flexibility to set her own schedule so that she can continue to work in a job she loves while still being present for a child.

Joe Before an Air Show

Joe has been in the Navy since 2008. He has spent a majority of his service thus far flying F/A-18s and just recently switched to working with a ground unit. This change in paths has meant shorter work days and less time away from family, which has been an amazing change of pace for us. Although there are still times when the Navy takes him away from Jenn and the dogs, he goes above and beyond to stay in touch daily. At this point, he's planning on completing 20 years in the Navy and will retire with full benefits at the age of 43.

Our Leisure Time
Getting Our Dog Ready to Paddleboard

We love to spend time outdoors and southern California is a great place to do it! We spend most of our weekends hiking local trails, running along the beach, biking around our neighborhood, and playing with our dogs. We like to take our stand up paddle boards to different inlets and lakes to spend the day out on the water in the sunshine. We love exploring the local area, walking around farmers markets, and just enjoying each other's company and laughter.

Now that we're living near a city again we also like to take advantage of all it has to offer. We're constantly trying new restaurants, attending festivals, and seeing shows and plays in the nearby community center. We try to spend our money on experiences instead of things so we'll have memories that last a lifetime.

We also love to spend any free time we have traveling and Jenn is frequently planning short weekend getaways or week-long adventures in another country. Over the years we've traveled to various countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia. One of our bucket list items is to set foot on every continent and we're slowly chipping away at it. This past summer we even checked off one of Jenn's lifelong dreams and completed our first cross country road trip! Although our itineraries may change once we have a child, we can't wait to continue exploring nearby gems and creating memories as a family of three.

Cultural Diversity

We've been fortunate enough to travel and live in several places throughout the world. These experiences have allowed us to develop friendships with people with perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences different from our own. We value these friendships because we believe embracing differences has allowed us to grow as humans and gain a deeper sense of empathy for others.

We support our diverse group of friends by checking in and listening to their perspective and experiences so that we may better understand situations we've never experienced firsthand. We're not afraid to engage in difficult conversations with friends and family when we feel their jokes or comments are offensive or inappropriate. While we're not infallible by any means, we care and we try to let our actions show this. We continue to seek opportunities to learn and grow and welcome feedback on ways to improve in this area.

We know we still have much to learn in this lifelong topic, but we're dedicated to making our home a place where a child feels safe and fully recognizes and values all of their identities. We promise to never shy away from sensitive topics and to continue to grow and challenge ourselves to be better for our family. We'll honor and celebrate your child's ethnicity whole-heartedly, with respect and love, always.

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