Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little through our profile. Being parents has been our greatest joy and the most amazing adventure. We are excited for our journey to add to our family - to share our laughter, our love, and our lives with another little one. We hope you find comfort in your decision, and would be happy to talk or answer any questions you may have.

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Clay Laura
job description
ROTC Professor Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in History Master's Degree in Criminology
Dream Vacation
Golfing & the Beach
Dream Vacation
Disney World
Childhood Memory
Planting a Garden with My Granddad
Childhood Memory
Visiting Disney World
Quality about my Spouse
Her Love & Empathy for All
Quality about my Spouse
His Sense of Humor
Legally Married

Our Life Priorities
Dressed Up for Disney World

Family is the number one priority in our life. Laura is a stay-at-home mom in order to spend as much time as possible with our son - caring for him, teaching him, and showing him how much he means to us. She plans on continuing to be a stay-at-home mother until all of our children are in school to ensure that they all get the best care possible. We do not want to miss anything in their lives, and want to be there for them as much as possible in their developing years. Clay goes to work Monday through Friday but as soon as he comes home, we sit down together to have dinner as a family, have some play time, and then all take the dog for a walk.

Our weekends are completely focused on our family. We usually spend our weekends making big breakfasts, doing outdoor activities together, grilling in the evenings, or traveling to visit family. We are very close as a family unit and to our extended family. Family is our everything. We cannot wait to add a child to our family, to be able to share our love for the outdoors and delicious food with them, and to be able to experience all of the joys a child brings to the family.

Cultural Diversity
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family

We have come from different cultural backgrounds, had various experiences visiting other cultures and living in different parts of the country, and have found that we are very open to new ideas, traditions, perspectives, and cultures overall. If our child is a different race or ethnicity than us, or even comes from a different part of the country, we would like to be able to incorporate their cultural heritage into our daily lives through the books we read, the music we play, the movies and shows that we watch, the foods we eat, and even the people we see on a regular basis.

We think that it is important for them to be connected to their roots and to their heritage. We also would like to make sure that our child grows up surrounded by other people that look like him/her. Our neighborhood and community are diverse, many events that we go to have people from different cultural backgrounds, and, especially as our child grows up, we will seek out new opportunities and communities to ensure that he/she has children and adults who look like him/her to play with and to serve as role models. We want to make sure that our child knows not only our cultural heritage but their birth family's cultural heritage as well.

Education We will Provide

Education is very important to us - both formal and informal education. We hope to be able to send our children to private schools where they will be in smaller classroom settings, get one-on-one attention, and be able to develop their own interests and strengths, giving them the ability to flourish. We hope that our children will want to follow in our footsteps and go to college and then graduate school. We will encourage this by promoting education from an early age. We already encourage reading with our son, counting, learning letters, and colors, and as he and our future child grow, we will encourage their learning in other areas. Clay loves history, and Laura is better at math and science, so we complement one another by being able to provide expertise on different subjects. We also want them to learn about music, arts, sports, or any other subject that they show interest in. We visit the library at least once per week which we hope will provide a place for them to find resources and promote a love for books, the way we both love them. We hope to provide the best education possible to our children to ensure that they have every opportunity in life.

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