Hello! We are Jamie and Lindsay. We are so excited to build our family--specifically a multiracial one--through adoption. As a nontraditional family we believe: 1) There are all kinds of versions of family and the one uniting factor is love. 2) Happiness depends on a compassionate and strong spirit. 3) Life is better when your community is diverse, and when you give back. 4) We are at our best when our family approaches the world as a team. Through an open adoption, we hope to count you as part of that team to whatever extent you're comfortable.

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Jamie Lindsay
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Environmental Researcher Wildlife Writer
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science Master's Degree in Journalism
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Family Activity
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New York Times Investigative Reporter
Dream Job
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Quality about my Spouse
Her Fierce Dedication to Social Justice
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Addressing Cultural Diversity
At a Friend's Wedding in D.C.

Celebrating diversity is our top priority and our dream is to build a multiracial family. We are committed to living in a diverse community. We pride ourselves on having a diverse group of friends who give us the opportunity to witness the challenges and rewards of identifying with multiple cultures and raising multicultural families.

We are excited to integrate our children’s cultural diversity—and other cultures—in their lives and ours. This includes incorporating books, music, movies and food that represents an array of cultures in our everyday routine. We are always looking for opportunities to go to different festivals, art fairs and other related community gatherings here in Madison and in big cities near the area such as Milwaukee and Chicago.

However, we know that embracing another culture requires more than these efforts alone. We will ensure that our children learn about the brave individuals who have paved the way for equal rights—heroes who share their skin color or ethnic background. Just as important is for our children to get to know the community leaders who look like them and are making a difference every day locally. We’ll also seek out doctors, teachers and other service providers of color that will teach our children they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up. Most importantly, we want to inspire a sense of curiosity in our children about the world in general.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Lindsay Catching Salamanders

Jamie about Lindsay: In my wedding vows to Lindsay, I promised to always embrace those pieces of Lindsay that makes her, her: Her silliness, which encourages kids and adults alike to have a sense of humor. Her courageousness, which sometimes means she's willing to explore the jungles of Panama after dark in an effort to help protect frogs. Her knowledge, which constantly blows me away, whether she's spouting out scientific facts about space from her time as a science writer at NASA or sharing her creative writing stories with me. And her optimism in all aspects of her life, which I'm most excited to see passed down to a child one day.

Earth Day

Lindsay about Jamie: One of the things I love most about Jamie is her gentle and ferocious spirit. She has a fierce sense of justice both for individuals and marginalized communities. Jamie is the first to give up her seat on a crowded bus to an elderly person and she has no problem discussing issues related to race, sexuality and ethnicity. I hold my love for Jamie most dear, knowing that even in a society that doesn't always celebrate nontraditional families, I have a devoted partner who strives to make me happy, talks until a conflict is resolved, is committed to approaching life as a team. Jamie will be an exceptional cheerleader to our kids.

What we value most in each other: We are both committed to celebrating diversity and combatting racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of hate. Our conversations about politics and current events tend to focus passionately on these themes.

What It Means to Become Parents

Our goal as parents is to provide a compassionate, supportive environment for our kids where they have a chance to develop a healthy sense of self, no matter their sexual orientation, gender identity, skin color, faith, politics or interests. As a lesbian couple, we know what it is like to feel society's prejudice and have had to develop the tools necessary to cope and be resilient, including drawing on the loving, unconditional support of family and friends. Our children will benefit from the same loving community and from adoptive parents who approach the joys and challenges of life together as a team. In addition to helping our children build resilient spirits, we want to foster in them a sense of humor, of curiosity and of compassion, traits that have served us both well at all ages of our own lives. We want our children to feel our full support in trying out new interests, developing new opinions and discovering what makes them happy. Most of all, we see our primary role as providing our children with all of the opportunities they need to find their place and happiness in the world.

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