We believe that love is multiplied not divided. Adoption is a beautiful circle of love. We have an abundance of energy and joy to share with a child. We have always dreamed of a big family full of laughter and love. We have two daughters and are eager to further grow our family through adoption. Thank you for considering us for this special next chapter in our lives.

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Murry Susan
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Manufacturing Plant Manager Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in International Business/Spanish Master's Degree in Teaching
Running/Playing Soccer
Family Activity
Going to UGA Football Games
Family Activity
Reading Books Out Loud Together
French Silk Pie
Warm, Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
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TV Show
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Catherine, Natalie
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Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Annual Beach Trip

The beach is our ultimate family destination. The sun and surf draws us back every year. We head to the sunshine state each summer. Devouring crab legs and peeling shrimp are our top seafood entrees at our favorite beach restaurants. We take an annual beach family picture overlooking the water and look forward to adding our new child to this special moment. We spend lazy vacation days swimming in the pool, searching for mermaids and dolphins, building sand castles, collecting seashells, and dipping our toes into the water. We enjoy exploring the area on bike rides and cruising around on the golf cart.

We also love going to Walt Disney World. It truly is the happiest place on earth. We have been there three times and can't wait to go again. Who can say no to chocolate covered Mickey Mouse shaped popsicles that instantly melt in your mouth and to taking flight on the beloved Peter Pan's ride?!? We crave experiencing that pure magic and delight that would come from our new child's eyes on their first trip there.

Our family treasures taking adventures and seeks out being on the go. We aspire to show our new child the world. We want first row seats in all of their firsts. We thrive on road trips. Whether it is driving out west to the Lone Star State, navigating through the majestic Smokey mountains, or winding up the east coast to NYC. We hope to experience all 50 states one day.

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Exploring Mexico

We consider ourselves life long learners. We’re raising our girls to embrace the world through a global perspective through travel, books, and charity missions. What matters most to our family is developing a solid character and possessing a compassionate attitude.

We reside in a progressive and ethnically diverse community outside of a major city. We are surrounded by a myriad of cultures in our neighborhood. We crave learning about their traditions, trying their delicious cuisines, and celebrating holidays with them. Our daughters have close relationships with these friends. This community is excited to support us and serve as mentors as we hope to grow into a vibrant family through adoption. We appreciate that it is important that our new child have a support system that they can directly identify with throughout their development.

We’re passionate about traveling and experiencing other cultures first hand to gain understanding and appreciation of others. Susan grew up in the Southeast, the Northeast, and the Midwest. Susan graduated college with a Sociology degree/Cultural Anthropology emphasis, a minor in Business, and a Masters in Teaching. She studied and worked in England for a year and has traveled throughout Europe. She taught at an International School. Murry graduated college with an International Business degree and a minor in Spanish. He has ventured to Asia, South America, and Europe, using his Spanish skills. Embracing other cultures is captivating and energizing to us.

Our Family Traditions
Annual St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Visit

We pride ourselves on having established family traditions. Our intention is for our children to have experiences to look forward to each year and for these traditions to become a fabric of their character for generations to come. Birthdays are a huge deal to us. The day of one's birth is sacred. Streamers and decorations adorn their bedroom entrance. We throw elaborate birthday parties filled with family, friends, and fun. It's a day to be spoiled and celebrated with all of their favorites! Every Saint Patrick's Day, the leprechauns invade our home with a footprint path of shamrocks and messy shenanigans. They leave behind several charming green and gold surprises. Starting back in preschool days, the girls each wear an apple themed shirt on their first day of school and present their teacher with a small token to kick off the year. Many of our traditions are centered around the Christmas season. Our family Elf on the Shelf, Sugarplum, makes her debut with a North Pole breakfast with white powdered donuts, candy canes, festive little toy surprises, and holiday pajamas. Annually, we also make hot cocoa with marshmallows and decorate a gingerbread bread house. We attend a candlelight Christmas Eve church service each year. Murry reads the girls The Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve. We're beyond excited to share in these magical family moments with our new child.

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