We have always known that we want to be parents and we feel so humbled that you are even looking at our adoption profile. We are here with open hearts that are ready to love and cherish our future child and you as our child's birth mother. Thank you for taking a peek into our daily life. We hope that you find that we are a good fit for you and your baby.

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Alex Nicole
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Middle School Teacher Elementary Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
Apple Pie
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies
Game of Thrones
The Harry Potter Series
Playing Baseball
Memory with a Child
Swimming & Playing Baseball With My Nephews & Nieces
Memory with a Child
Teaching First Grade Students to Read
TV Show
Modern Family
TV Show
This Is Us
Legally Married

Our Love of Teaching
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

We are so blessed to both be teachers. Teaching and working with children is something that we are both truly passionate about and it is something that definitely bonds us as a couple. For the past five years, we taught in the same school in a small, rural school district in Wisconsin. Alex teaches middle school math and Nicole taught first grade. We truly value the relationships that we made at this school and Alex still works there now.

In the fall of 2017, Nicole made the decision to leave her job as a first grade teacher and accepted a job as an elementary teacher for a virtual school. In preparation for becoming a mom, Nicole knew that she wanted to be able to be home with our children and have more flexibility to be a very present parent in the lives of our children. She currently can work as a teacher from home, supporting families who are homeschooling their children here in Wisconsin.

As teachers, we both have a ton of flexibility in the summer and can't wait to start making more family memories with our child. We feel so lucky that we can both do something we love while having the time and flexibility to grow our family.

Our Leisure Time
Taking a Walk on Our Local Walking Trails

During our free time, we love to spend time together and with family. Our neighborhood has the most amazing walking trails with boardwalks along a peaceful river. We are always finding new places to explore and to be outside in our community. There are many state parks within an hour of our home and we love to go hiking or spend the day at the beach in the summer.

When we are at home, we love to experiment with cooking new recipes, binge watch a series on Netflix, or just relax in our living room together. We are also avid readers. Alex is currently about half way through the Game of Thrones book series and Nicole loves reading a variety of different types of books. Last Christmas, Nicole's dad made us a "little library" box for our front yard. We recently installed it and we love the opportunity that it gives us to share books with our neighbors. We love to go out and see which books our neighbors have added to the shared box. Nicole also loves to stock it full of fun seasonal children's books for the kids in the neighborhood to enjoy. It is a great way for us to connect with our neighbors as well.

Our Family Traditions
Paddleboating Fun at the Lake House

We are lucky to be close with both of our extended families. One fun tradition in Alex's family is "Cookie Day" every year on the day after Thanksgiving. Instead of braving the Black Friday crowds, his family cozies up in their lake house, turns up the Christmas music, and bakes lots of holiday treats! Alex's brothers both have children of their own now so we love to help the kids decorate cookies. Alex's mom even sets up a gingerbread cookie scavenger hunt every year around the house. It is a day with lots of love and laughter.

One fun tradition in Nicole's family is Labor Day weekend at her grandparent's cabin in northern Wisconsin. It is a tiny cabin and the family crams in with people sleeping on fold-out couches and airbeds all over the floor. We love to spend our last weekend of the summer at the cabin soaking up the last rays of summer sunshine. We grill our favorite foods and sit out by the campfire in the evening. It is the perfect end to the summer!

As a couple, our favorite tradition is a quiet New Year's Eve at home. Every year, we make delicious new appetizers to enjoy throughout the evening. We play board games together and watch the New Year's Eve specials on TV. It is such a fun, special tradition for the two of us.

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