We have been looking forward to expanding our family, and we are excited about pursuing an adoption with you. We are ready to open our hearts to provide a loving, safe home and family. We know this is a difficult decision for you and we appreciate you considering us to be the parents for your child. You will be in our prayers as you face these difficult decisions.

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Jamie Meredith
job description
Mechanical Designer School Librarian/STEM Teacher
Associate's Degree in Mechanical Design Drafting Master's Degree in in Teaching
Dream Job
Dream Job
Being a Mom
Collecting Classic Diecast Cars
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Dinner With My Family
Holiday Tradition
Making Christmas Cookies
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
TV Show
Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
Legally Married

Our Promise to You
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

Our promise to you is that this child will be welcomed into a loving, stable family. Both of our immediate and extended families are supportive of our plan to adopt and can't wait for us to add another member to the family. This child will understand that their adoption was a result of the immense love you have for him/her, and that this was a decision that was not easy for you to make. We will always speak positively about you and your choice for this child. We will provide this child with the best education in order to meet their needs so they can become a respectful and successful person. We look forward to sharing with you your child's growth and achievements throughout their life with pictures, letters, and emails. We would be open to phone calls or video chatting if you desire. Our hearts are open and ready to share our love with this child.

Our Leisure Time
Cheering On Our Rival Teams!

In our free time we enjoy spending time with family and friends. In the summer we spend time swimming at Jamie's mom and dad's house and grilling out for dinner. We enjoy watching sporting events with Meredith's family. We have three nieces, and we can often be caught watching dance recitals, volleyball games, and school plays, or having sleepovers at our house. We enjoy going out to eat with our friends or playing games with them and their children. Meredith enjoys photography and especially enjoys photographing nature and her niece. Jamie enjoys going to classic car shows with his dad and brother. Jamie is also interested in architecture and enjoys taking in the sights of various cities we visit while Meredith photographs the buildings. We also enjoy attending football and basketball games to cheer on our favorite teams, the in-state rivals- University of Louisville and University of Kentucky. We look forward to having a child and can't wait to make memories with him/her!

Education We Will Provide

We value education and see it as an important part of a child's development, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. We were both fortunate that our parents were willing to make the financial sacrifice in order for us to attend private schools through high school and feel that our education helped shape who we are today. Meredith is a teacher in a private school, and it is our intention that this child will attend that school for preschool through 8th grade. With that being said, we understand that this school might not be the right fit for a child, and we are committed to providing a child with whatever education is best suited for them. Elementary years lay the foundation for a child's future, and Meredith's experience with elementary education enables her to recognize when a child needs to be challenged academically or given extra attention to strengthen areas in which growth is needed.

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