Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We take the role of being a parent very seriously and it is one we are thrilled to take on. We have so much love, laughter and happiness to share with a child. If given the opportunity, we will give your child everything they need and deserve. We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

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Adam Cassie
job description
Senior Applications Engineer Community Strategist; Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Dream Job
Dream Job
Being a Mom
Family Activity
Game Night
Family Activity
Board Game Night
Home Renovations with Adam
Dream Vacation
Tour of Ancient European Cities
Dream Vacation
Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Children's Book
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Children's Book
The Poky Little Puppy
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
We Love to Work on Projects Together - This is a Rocking Horse We Made for Our Nephew

We love spending time together, whether it's just the two of us or with friends and family. We enjoy quiet movie nights alone or having dinner at our favorite restaurant, but also enjoy spending time with friends playing darts, arcade games or laser tag. We can get quite competitive. During the summer time we spend much of our time outdoors playing with our friends' children. We have a blast jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes and drawing with sidewalk chalk. Many times, we are envious of the things our friends can do with their children, that we would feel awkward doing on our own.

We also enjoy home improvement projects and it always seems like there is a list of things we want to complete. Adam is very good at woodworking and enjoys building furniture, including a rocking horse he made for our first nephew. We enjoy working on projects together like refinishing our kitchen table and reupholstering chairs, and refinishing Cassie's childhood dresser for the nursery. Cassie also enjoys decorating the house and getting a little more crafty with handmade gifts.

We can't wait to have a little one and look forward to sharing many of these hobbies and talents with a child.

Discussing Adoption

We have been very open with friends and family in discussing the adoption process and we don't intend for any of that to change as the child grows. Their adoption will be something the child will always know. At a very young age we plan to incorporate children's books about adoption and even create our own photo books that tell the child's story. As the child grows and understands more we will encourage questions and open, honest discussion. We want the child to feel comfortable asking questions and exploring themselves and their heritage so they know their history, where they came from and how much they are loved by so many people/families.

Our Life Priorities
Holding Our Newborn Nephew - Cassie Has Always Wanted to be a Mother

Cassie has always wanted to be a mom. Even as a little girl, the one thing she wanted to be when she grew up was a mother. We both come from families with a stay-at-home parent and always think about how great this was as a child. Cassie works in the non-profit sector educating children and the community on the dangers of substance use and how addiction can impact a family. While her profession is extremely rewarding, she can't wait to be a stay-at-home mom. Adam works as an engineer and has a very flexible schedule and can even work from home when needed, which is great because family will always be our first priority.

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