Thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your baby. We created this profile to give you a glimpse into our lives and show the love, nurturing, adventure, and fun we will provide. We've always wanted to adopt, as adoption has played such an important role in our families and lives, and we are beyond excited to become parents. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!

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Alan Ali
job description
Product Designer Product Designer
Bachelor's Degree in Design Bachelor's Degree in Design
Dream Vacation
Patagonia, Argentina
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Camping - Sitting Around a Fire, Hiking & Sleeping Under the Stars
Family Activity
Paddleboarding With Our Two Dogs
Ice Cream
Lemon Bars
TV Show
TV Show
Stranger Things
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents
Sunset at One of Our Favorite Beaches

As parents we want our child to feel our unconditional love every day. We want to provide all the opportunities and possibilities they need. As they grow we will support them in building their strengths and passions and working through their struggles. We will help them build confidence in themselves so they can feel comfortable in their own skin and are able to find contentment throughout their life.

We can't wait to show our child the wonders of the world around us. They will grow up with our two goofy dogs to laugh at, forests to explore, and oceans to captivate their imagination and two parents who love and adore them every step of the way. We can't wait to teach our child to ride a bike, experience different parts of the world, and find out what activities make them light up. We'll always be there to document the candid moments with photographs and videos which we would love to share with you.

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Alan Giving His Best Buddy a Ride

This is something we've spent a lot of time preparing for, as we feel it is very important. We want our child to be aware and proud of their inherited culture and impact it has on them and their world. We will always do our best to provide awesome friends and mentors who look like them, and expose them to their culture through art, music, media, books and studying history through the lens of people who look like them. We realize that as two white people we won't always have the answers and we will probably make mistakes, but we are lucky enough to have close family, friends, and neighbors who are people of color and who we trust to call us out and provide awesome support for us and our child. We would love help from you as well, if you have suggestions we will always be open to learn and grow.

Adoption in Our Family

Both of us have been surrounded by adoption throughout our lives. We both felt like we wanted to adopt before we even met and talked about it. Ali's aunt placed her baby with an amazing family 20 years ago. Seeing her blossom into an incredible person through their open relationship and the healing that relationship has provided for her aunt is part of what moved us to adopt.

Ali's youngest sister is adopted and she is an integral part of our family, we can't imagine life without her.

Throughout Alan's life he has had close friends who are adopted and he's heard positive stories regarding their experiences. Currently we have several friends who have adopted who have been really open about their experiences.

These positive adoption stories shaped our opinion on adoption and lead us to this point.

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