We are a fun and active family ready to love a new child and sibling. We know that you will make the best choice for your child and wish you clarity in this big decision. You are clearly brave, and we are so grateful that you are considering adoption and considering our family for your child.

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George Amanda
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Engineering Director Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Management Law Degree
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Star Wars
Disney Movie
SCUBA Diving
Running, Quilting, Reading, Skiing, SCUBA Diving
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Beach Fun
Family Activity
Nightly Dinner Together
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Her Perseverance
Quality about my Spouse
He is Extremely Patient, Even-Keeled & Affectionate
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Subject in School
Madeleine, Elliott
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption
We Can't Wait to Complete Our Family!

Before we got married, we discussed our family plan extensively, which was to have three children. After Amanda gave birth to Madeleine and Elliott and had lingering complications, we debated whether or not we wanted to have the third child we always envisioned in our family. After soul searching, both individually and as a couple, we have both reached the conclusion that our family is not complete.

Every step in pursuing adoption brings us more peace as it has quickly become clear that adoption is the path our family is meant to take. We thought our older children would be good siblings, and, when we told them that we’re planning to adopt, their immediate outpouring of love confirmed our suspicion. Each day, we are more convinced - deep within - that we’ve made the right decision building our family through adoption. We hope that you can find that same peace in your decision.

We look forward to making adoption a part of our family’s story forever, connecting with the birth mother meant to join our family, and being able to welcome this child to our family.

Our Lifestyle
Ready to Run a Race Together

We live an active, healthy, comfortable lifestyle, blending activities for the whole family with space for everybody to thrive individually. We believe in moderation and enjoyment of the little pleasures in life.

Our day-to-day is fairly simple and oriented around our family unit. During the academic year, Amanda takes the kids to school, manages the household, volunteers in the community while the kids are in school, and is home with the kids every afternoon. During the summer, Amanda and the kids spend their days exploring parks and seasonal activities, enjoying our backyard together, and meeting up with friends. George sets his own work hours so that he can be home pretty early. We end nearly every day together as a family: we eat dinner together, get the kids ready for bed together, and read stories before tucking the kids into bed with cuddles and kisses.

On weekends, we spend time being physically active, whether running, hiking, swimming, or checking out a local park. We often meet up with friends and take advantage of nearby events, like family concerts at the symphony, baseball games, and pumpkin patches.

We are privileged to be able to travel together as a family, whether to visit family or to explore new places. We love to share our adventurous spirits with our children, and one of our favorite places to do that is Hawaii, where we enjoy boogie boarding, paddleboarding, and snorkeling with the kids. We also enjoy hosting friends and family who visit from other parts of the country and across the world.

Madeleine & Elliott
Happy Halloween!

Madeleine is a fun and spunky, caring and attentive little girl. She loves to take on physical challenges like the monkey bars, racing other kids on the playground, and learning to ski. She is often found playing “take a trip” or “restaurant,” caring for her babies (her dolls and stuffed animals), dressing up in old Halloween costumes, or drawing buildings and families on big pieces of paper. Though she is independent, Madeleine is the stereotypical protective big sister.

Elliott is hilarious and sensitive with strong opinions and plenty of words to share them. He loves books and has been known to hand one to any adult who dares sit down near him. If a book isn’t in his hands, then he is either playing with some form of car or truck or carrying around his beloved Mouse, to whom he is an excellent father. Elliott has quite a sense of humor for a preschooler, and his dramatic facial expressions sometimes make it hard to keep a straight face.

While Madeleine and Elliott share some interests with us, we also try to recognize their individual personalities. For example, Elliott loves vehicles, so Amanda sometimes takes Elliott on a bus downtown to grab a snack while watching a busy bus stop and post office truck depot. We make one-on-one time a reality on a regular basis to build individual relationships with us and a strong, healthy sibling relationship free of competition. We look forward to adding a third child and third personality to this mix.

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