Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us as potential parents. We are overwhelmed with excitement to expand our family. As you look through our profile, we hope that you see the love, devotion, and playfulness that we can bring to child's life.

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Rosalea Jay
job description
Assistant Manager;
Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Executive Team Leader
Some College -
Studied Communications
Associate's Degree in Arts & Science
Family Activity
Family Activity
Game Night!
Vacation Spot
Anywhere We Can Hike
Vacation Spot
Puerto Rico
Memory with Spouse
Memory with Spouse
After Dinner Walks on the Beach
New York City
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
TV Show
Modern Family
Legally Married

Leisure Time
Go Cavs!

We enjoy our leisure time as much as we can. Anytime the weather permits, we try to spend our time outside of the house. We love taking walks with our dog, Chichi, hiking, or bicycling through our neighborhood and the nearby parks. We also spend a lot of time with the family cooking out and boating on the lakes and rivers close to us.

Rosalea's favorite leisure activity is going to the movies. We have seen hundreds of movies the past couple years and Jay has now learned a lot about Sci-Fi related topics!

Jay loves to listen to music, cooking, and watching sports. Our favorite teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers (Go Cavs!) and the New York Giants and we currently have a bedroom decorated as a sports room for both teams. Every year we have made it to at least one Cavs game to enjoy the excitement of it all and to try to get Lebron James to notice us!

Cultural Diversity
The Crystal Blue Waters of Puerto Rico

We are both Puerto Rican and come from very diverse families. To us, Puerto Rican actually means a blend of race, culture, and languages including African, Taino, and Spanish. When we look at our families we see a melting pot of cultures that continues to grow. We know the importance of knowing your heritage and ethnicity and learning about your culture in order to pass on traditions. We are a bilingual speaking family and celebrate and embrace all aspects of our identity. Our interracial extended families have taught us both to be open minded and accepting of everyone. In addition to our family and friends, this child will grow up in a very diverse community and will fit in perfectly with many role models of any background to look up to. We will also engage in any opportunity to incorporate this child's heritage through travel, food, books, and events.

Our Adventures
Jay Found a Waterfall During a Family Hike

We consider ourselves a very adventurous couple. We love to travel and see and learn about different places, people, and food. Rosalea loves learning the history of all the places we go. As a couple, we love trying new foods and are constantly looking for a new experience. When we go on long hikes we go off the beaten path and run into beautiful things like waterfalls and lookouts. We just recently took a ski trip and ended up taking snowboarding lessons. It was a blast and we can't wait to try it again. We consider being adventurous a way to learn about life and grow as an individual as well as a family unit. We would like to teach a child to push themselves not to be afraid to try new things and explore their limitations and the world around them. We will always encourage a little one to explore.

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