We believe that nothing is more valuable in life than the gift of family. We've waited a long time to be parents and share our love with a child. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile, we appreciate your consideration.

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Brian Hilarey
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Business Owner Business Owner
Bachelor's Degree in Film Bachelor's Degree in Visual Media
Scuba Diving
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Greek Islands
Dream Vacation
Greek Islands
Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
Ice Cream
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Quality about my Spouse
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What It Means to Become Parents
Hilarey With Her Godson

It is the ultimate gift to be a parent, especially after struggling with fertility. We've always wanted to be parents and have discussed adopting since we first met over 10 years ago. We have both worked our way up from entry level to now owning two of our own businesses and take pride in treating our employees and customers with the utmost respect and kindness. We hope to instill these values upon our child. We look forward to guiding our child/children toward a positive, respectful, loving and giving life. Of course there will be struggles, but those are what makes people who they are, and we hope to help them deal with whatever obstacles stand in their way and overcome them, emerging better than before. We are excited to watch our child grow both physically and mentally, show them the things we love to do like being outdoors, attending sporting events together and creating new memories with friends and family. Ultimately we just have a lot of love to give and are really looking forward to welcoming a child into our lives and hearts and growing our family.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
At a Wedding in California

We are business partners as well as life partners and work together every day. We have established a deep level of trust and respect with one another that has honestly only grown and improved with time. We believe having a true confidant as a sounding board when things get stressful and tough is so important and we cherish that we have that bond.

Hilarey admires that Brian is always patient and a good problem solver, he will always try to find the best solution, no matter how long it takes. She also appreciates his constant support and love even when she doubts herself, he's always there to pick her up with a kind word or a strong hug.

Brian admires Hilarey's kindness for everyone, no matter their situation, she will always lend a helping hand or do whatever she can to make things easier or better. He also admires her organization, ability to get things done and follow through on anything she puts her mind to doing.

We look forward to showing a child how much love we have to give and to work together in raising a family.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
With Family at Rehoboth Beach

We have visited Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for the last five summers and have really began looking forward to returning when the weather turns warm. We love that you an get there in just a few hours by car, and we can bring our dogs. Usually we rent a house by the water where once you arrive, can just drop the car off in the driveway and walk the rest of the time. The beach is always so beautiful, and we normally grab an umbrella and chairs and spend the days reading and relaxing under the sun. Often times our family and friends join us. It's so much fun spend time with our nieces and nephews, finding new fishing spot, swimming in the ocean and parasailing. Rehoboth is very family friendly with great restaurants, an arcade, carnival rides and tons of bike rental shops. We never look for things to do, but we always agree the time flies by too fast. We often talk about how someday we will bring our own child to the beach and how much we look forward to creating new memories with them.

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